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4 Tips for a Successful Road Trip

In order to have a successful road trip, the atmosphere must be as accommodating of everyone’s presence as possible so as not to deter the focus of the trip to an unnecessary conflict of interests: the last thing someone wants on a long, cramped car ride is to hear the song they hate the most a dozen times. The excitement around the trip is usually the destination, and planning for how you’re getting to the destination can often be forgotten, which could decide the outcome of the rest of the trip. Remembering to keep in mind these tips will allow you to plan a smooth road trip that caters to everyone’s needs and amplifies the excitement of a road trip.

1. Assign roles

Maybe switching back and forth between drivers or assigning someone to do directions while the other chooses the music will allow for everyone to feel useful and unified. Traveling, especially driving long distance or in congested traffic, can be overwhelming, so distributing responsibilities evenly will ensure that no one feels neglected or stressed out.

2. Find the right music

When traveling with a large group, making sure everyone is enjoying what’s playing on the radio is important. A helpful and enjoyable way to choose music for the road trip is to pass the aux cord to everyone in the car and have them put a song on the queue, that way everyone hears a song they love, but are also exposed to music they may have never listened to before. Don’t just limit your trip’s entertainment to music: listen to podcasts, audiobooks, standup comedy or NPR to switch it up and spark conversation.

3. Snacks!

Stocking up on snacks pre-road trip is essential to keeping everyone happily fed during the car ride. Keep a small cooler in the back seat for drinks and ice cream as well as snacks that are driver-friendly, meaning they can easily be eaten with one hand and without paying too much attention to it being messy. Also, be sure to bring some sort of trash receptacle with you in the car, whether it be a trash bag tied to the back of the passenger seat or in the console of the car, it’s important to keep the car clean because that’s where the majority of your trip will be spent.

4. Appreciate the journey

The excitement of wanting to arrive at the destination can often cloud the potential of a road trip. Since much of the trip is spent traveling, it will likely be a huge part of the memory of the trip, and it would be a waste if nothing exciting or memorable happened during the actual travel time. Appreciate the scenery, especially if you’re traveling to a place you’ve never been before and take note of the parallels or dissimilarities between what you’re used to and what you’re experiencing. Take pictures of everything, make small stops to strange places, take the long ways to your destinations, and don’t neglect the time spent traveling with friends because it will hold a much larger part in the memory of the trip than you think.

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Taylor is a junior at VCU majoring in English and caffeinated beverages. She likes reading books and writing short fiction as well as marathoning terrible reality television shows.
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