4 Outfits for Every Occasion this Christmas

This Christmas, you want your outfit game to be on fleek. You need an outfit for everything! If you are too busy to look through your messy closet to piece together the perfect outfit, never fear because I already did it for you. I have created five awesome outfits for every occasion this Christmas that are total interchangeable with the clothes you already own! Here are my four outfit design ideas: 

1. Christmas Chic

For this outfit all you need is a cute skirt and any top (preferably long sleeve). I added a pair of booties, which make the outfit very chic, and a crossbody or shoulder bag. I also added a pair of pearl earrings and a small necklace. Adding some chic accessories will help to add elements to this outfit, since it is quite plain just being a skirt and turtleneck. This outfit is perfect for just about anything. You can go Christmas shopping, go to lunch or go to a party in this outfit. 

2. Netflix n' Christmas

If your Christmas is all about chilling out after cramming for finals, this is your outfit. Everyone wants to be cozy this winter, so snuggle up in a pair of sweatpants and sweater. This outfit is a very chilled and relaxed kind of day, perfect for a frigid cold day. Throw your hair in a bun and chuck on some Uggs for this Netflix n' Christmas outfit.

3. All I want for Christmas is to be a celebrity

If you want to show your inner celebrity this Christmas, this outfit is for you. I paired a knit sweater dress with either a pair of heels or boots. If you want the look to be a little more fancy, then I would stick with the heels. If you want the look to be more casual, maybe for Christmas Eve dinner, the boots may be the better way to go. I paired this outfit with a black chain link bag and a snowflake necklace. 

4. Christmas chillin'

If you want an easy outfit to find, put on and go, then this is your outfit! Feel comfy all Christmas with this Christmas Chillin' outfit. All you need are any pair of jeans and a sweater or shirt. On the left, I paired a pair of high waisted jeans with a crop(ish) top. Pairing high waisted jeans with a crop top makes the look more high fashion and less of a party style. I also paired this outfit with black booties. On the right, I paired a regular pair of jeans with a big, white sweater. I added some suede boots and a crossbody bag for a pop of color. This outfit is perfect for feeling comfortable while still looking great.

If your are celebrating Christmas this year, or any other holiday, these four outfits are great for all the different occasions you might have. All of these outfits are just ideas and are meant to be inspiration for an outfit you can put together! Mix and match different pants, shoes, etc. to make any look match your own personal style. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Photos: Cover photo, All collages were made at Polyvore.