4 Face Masks You Have to Try

If you're looking to elevate your skincare routine, then you should consider trying out a new face mask! The cleansers that you use on your face only allow the beneficial ingredients to sit on your face for the brief minute or so that you're washing and then are quickly washed away. However, face masks allow the ingredients to absorb into your skin because they are usually kept on for at least 15 minutes. It can be difficult to figure out what face masks will actually help your skin and give you the results you're looking for, so here are four face masks that I've tried that you may think are worth checking out!

  1. 1. Cosmetic Warrior by Lush Cosmetics

    If your skin is acne-prone like mine, then Cosmetic Warrior will be a great face mask to add to your skin routine. The mask is jam-packed with a ton of acne-fighting ingredients and is relatively inexpensive despite being handmade with fresh ingredients. The face mask is less than $10, and the container has enough product in it to allow you to get quite a few uses out of it. The face mask's key ingredients are honey, garlic and tea tree oil, which are all great at clearing breakouts and fighting acne. I was initially kind of uncomfortable with the idea of putting garlic on my face because I know how potent that smell can be, but the mask actually smells more like tea tree oil than garlic. I would, however, recommend that you wash your face after using it to get any lingering garlic remnants cleared away. When the mask is kept in the fridge until use, the formula feels cool and calming once it is applied on your face. I loved this product because it helped me clear up some stubborn acne that was popping up on my face as a result of stress!

  2. 2. The All-In-One Facial by Hanacure 

    This face mask is one of the absolute best investments I have made in my skin's health! This mask is not cheap by any means, but the price is reflective of the quality. I purchased the starter facial kit that only allows for one use, but I saw results immediately after using it one time. The mask helped tighten my pores and helped lessen the appearance of some of the fine lines that I've acquired on my face as well. My pores in my nose also tend to get clogged fairly easily, but after using this mask, I noticed that more pores looked a lot cleaner than they were prior to using the mask. This is a mask that is mainly marketed to older women because of its anti-aging properties and expensive price—just one starter kit is $29 for crying out loud—but it is still something that younger women could benefit from using as well. 

  3. 3. Cup O' Coffee by Lush Cosmetics

    If you love the smell of coffee, then this is the face mask for you! This mask by Lush is made with grains of coffee and makes you feel like you're cozied up drinking a nice cup of coffee every time you put it on. I love to use it in the morning to wake up my senses and freshen up my skin after a long night. The mask is great for gentle exfoliation, and my skin always looks bright and feels squeaky clean after use. The smallest container of this mask is $12, and the container is big enough to allow you to use the mask multiple times. Put the mask in the fridge the night before you use it and let the cool temperature wake you up and prepare you to tackle the day!

  4. 4. Mask of Magnaminty by Lush Cosmetics

    Mask of Magnaminty is a great mask for those that want to feel like their skin has been deeply cleaned after use. The peppermint oil causes a pleasant tingling sensation upon application, and the mask is priced at $15. It's a great mask to use at night because it wipes away the dirt and oil that accumulates on your skin throughout the day and leaves your skin feeling fresh!

Try out one of these face masks and see for yourself how great the results can be!