4 Best Discontinued Games from our Childhood

Back in the time before iPhones and Androids, we sat down for family dinners and then played board games with them. We all remember the games we used to play as children. Whether you are old enough to remember or not, you most likely have heard and/or played with at least one of these games. The games that made your childhood less boring and more imaginative. 

1. The Game of Life: Twists and Turns

This re-imagined version of The Game of Life was a favorite among many during the mid to late 2000s. It came out in 2007 as the all new version with more options during play. Thus, gone were the days of the plastic spinner that you could never get to spin correctly. This newer version included an electronic “lifepod” responsible for keeping track of all the players' money totals and 'life points,' which was this version's way of how you won. This game was supposed to be simpler to understand since the fuss of the paper money was gone, preventing players from having to add up everything at the end, which made it more family friendly. The board game is being sold new on Amazon for about $100 or you can buy it used on Amazon and eBay.

2. Mall Madness

The original version of this game came out in 1988 and an electronic talking version was made in 1989, although the most updated version came out in 2004. This board game was targeted for girls between the ages of 11 and 16. The purpose of this game was to buy your six items assigned by the computerized voice in the console, and then travel to your final destination in the mall. The 2004 version of the game is being sold used on Amazon and the 1996 version of the game is being sold used on eBay for $80.

3. Tamagotchi

A classic symbol of the 1990s is the classic plastic egg keychain that seemingly everyone had. First launched in 1996, Tamagotchi was an instant hit in the U.S., selling about 10,000 in 24 hours. These virtual pets took a lot of time to care for and sadly more often than not, you killed your Tamagotchi. In 2017, an anniversary edition came out and while they are not the exact same as the original, they have the same concept in mind - keep your Tamagotchi alive. You can get your own Tamagotchi on Amazon, depending on color, for between $13 and $20.

4. Pixel Chix

These were very well known among most pre-teen and teen girls, released in 2005 by Mattel. They featured a moving and talking girl on a small screen, along with symbols and activities throughout the house that the player can unlock as they play. Similar to a Tamagotchi, the device has buttons on the bottom of the device that allow the player to interact with the character on the screen. Pixel Chix also allowed for multiplayer gameplay when two houses would connect. Mattel came out with many different versions of these in both 2005 and 2008, including Dollhouse, Roomies, 2 Story House, and the Love2shop mall. You can get Pixel Chix on Amazon new for about $100 or you can get them used from Amazon for about $80.

If you were a 90's kid, you remember these games. These games made our childhood memories our favorite memories. The nostalgia these games bring definitely makes you want to be a kid again. Embrace your inner kid and enjoy life.

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