3 Wellness Tips to Take Home During Winter Break

It’s easy to settle into a routine while you’re in college. You have your scheduled classes, club meetings and times when you’re willing to brave the cold to go get your lunch. Hopefully, you have some type of routine you do for yourself that makes you feel somewhat ready for the week ahead. So why do these routines have to disappear when we go home for winter break? Down below are some new wellness tips that you can bring home with you when you leave for the month so you stay on top of your sh*t!

  1. 1. Jade Rolling 

    I don’t know about you but when I go home, I eat everything I can (almost like I’ll never be eating again or something) which isn't always the best situation. What normally ends up happening is my face gets bloated and puffy which makes me super annoyed. I recently found that a technique called jade rolling that can make this all go away and I can still eat an unhealthy amount of food. A jade roller is super easy to find (I got mine at Target) and they are normally inexpensive too, which is a plus. I keep mine in the fridge and all you do is take the roller and literally roll it on your face. Sounds crazy, I know. But if you’re trying to eat everything in sight and still take quality pictures (like I am) then this is definitely for you.

  2. 2. Take Vitamins 

    Before I get into this one, please note that I’m not referring to the Youtube and Instagram hair vitamin situation going on. I mean like real vitamins that you buy in stores and are actually proven to help your health situation. This is so essential to internal and external health and before last year, I wasn’t really taking vitamins seriously. Ever since I’ve taken vitamins daily, I’ve noticed a huge difference and that is something I’m going to bring home with me because it’s super easy and convenient. All I do is wake up and take them before doing anything else and it’s like two seconds of my day. I get mine from the Olly brand at Target and it’s one of the best things I’ve done for my health so far and hopefully you will too.

  3. 3. Tongue Scraping 

    Super random, I know, but it honestly should be more normal. After listening to a podcast, I realized that the amount of germs living in your mouth even after you brush your teeth is just another level of disgusting. Not my favorite realization. The hosts recommended tongue scraping and let me tell you, it makes a difference. Tongue scraping is just that: scraping your tongue. I got my scraper at Target (as you can see, Target is a recurring theme) and I use it every day after brushing my teeth. I feel so much cleaner. The tool is so small, so I have no excuse not to bring it home. I’m going to keep using it to get rid of all germs living in my mouth after eating 14 tons of food over Winter Break.

I hope these tips sound at least a little enticing to try, especially because they’re all so convenient and portable for your college and at-home routines. They’re great to start now and I promise it’ll stick with you for the rest of the year. Target is the easiest place to get all these items and if not, there’s always Amazon so there is no excuse! Good luck with your wellness journey and eat all the food you can over this break.