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There’s no better way to pass the time while cleaning, driving or walking to class than to put on a podcast. Since podcasts still continue to be all the rage, here are some must-listen ones you may not already know that cover topics like gossip, dating and relationships, celebrity updates and culture that you have got to try out. 

“Chicks in the Office”

This Barstool Sports podcast will keep you updated on pop culture you didn’t know you needed to hear. Run by Ria and Fran, “Chicks in the Office” covers topics ranging from celebrity breakups to TV show updates to hosting actual celeb interviews. The girls aim to give you “Friday energy on a Monday,” and their catchy theme song proves that from the very start of the show. Ria and Fran include their own opinions as well as keeping you in the know about all things pop culture. Some of their more recent podcasts include Demi Lovato’s recent breakup, the arrival of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s baby, Justin Bieber’s new song “Holy” and its music video, and even Carol Baskin’s tweet directed at them. It’s difficult to get bored of this podcast, as the tea is hot and ready for every show. Their “office” is certainly one for the books. 

“Girls Gotta Eat”

Ashley and Rayna host a podcast for all things sex and relationships. They help navigate their viewers through the rocky world of dating in a comical way. Similarly to “Chicks in the Office,” they feature special guests to add dimension to their show, including therapists, comedians and authors. The hosts’ promotion of self-love and girl power will give any girl confidence, and their fan base, or “snackheads,” as they’re called, love going to their shows on tour. Recent show episodes include topics like if age actually matters in a relationship, if you should really get back with your ex, what you think your sexual aura is and what to do about your ‘mans’ who isn’t actually your ‘mans.’ If you ever need an extra boost of confidence or dating tips, this podcast will help you out. 

“Broke Girl Therapy”

“Broke Girl Therapy” podcast is similar to “Girls Gotta Eat” in the fact that it navigates all things dating. This show, however, is hosted by Stefanie, who was born and raised in L.A. and is looking for a relationship in today’s world of hookup culture. She explores the world of dating through her experiences and looks back on them to help her grow as a person and as a “dating expert.” Her podcast picture that shows herself sporting a hot pink fit while mascara is smudged across her eyes perfectly depicts the morning after a long night out. Her special guests on the show include her friends, her ex-boyfriends and even her Tinder dates. Some of her more recent podcast episodes deal with topics such as friends with benefits, if it’s too soon to start dating someone and how to navigate long-distance and interracial relationships. Stefanie uses her podcast as an outlet to talk, rant, and reflect because “therapy is too expensive.”  

Laugh and cry alongside these girls as they host their podcasts. 

Claire Early is currently a senior at VCU. She is studying mass communications with a concentration in public relations.
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