3 Outfit Ideas for Early Morning Finals

Picture this: it’s 7:30 a.m. You studied all last night for an exam you’re still not sure you’ve prepared for and you slept in the leggings you were wearing last night. Your exam starts at 8 a.m. and you literally have 10 minutes to change before you run out the door. You have no idea what to wear and you know those leggings with Chick-Fil-A sauce on them won’t be cutting it. Here’s where I come in. Here are a couple of options of what to wear to your finals this winter so you don’t stress the morning of. 

  1. 1. Dressing Up Your Favorite Sweatpants 

    This idea is the most comfy one of all. Your favorite sweatpants with a comfy, cropped hoodie and statement jacket. I know you’re thinking it can’t be that easy but it actually is. If you want to take it one step further, add a beanie and some cute sneakers and you’re ready to go. I like to wear fuzzy socks with my sneakers because you can’t even see them and you’re still all warm and toasty while taking your exam (just don’t fall asleep mid-test). Yes, it is that easy. And if you’re looking to stock up for sweatpants this winter, check out PrettyLittleThing, SLAtheLabel or IamGia. All of these sites have quality, unique sweatpants that will last you forever, so check your closet if you need to restock anytime soon.

  2. 2. Rocking Denim on Denim

    One of my favorite ideas because it’s easy as it is cute. All you need to do is throw on your favorite, comfy jeans with literally any sweatshirt and a denim jacket. There are so many ways you can make this stand out too. For example, you could wear cute, unique jeans like flare jeans or straight leg jeans instead of skinny jeans. Jackets vary too, from the variety of different colors like beige to the cut (my favorite is cropped). My favorite jeans are either from BlankNYC or Levi’s and they offer so many options. If you’re looking for cute hoodies or sweatshirts check out PrettyLittleThing or BoohooMan (yes, guy’s hoodies are always the best way to go). 

  3. 3. Throwing on a Midi Skirt

    Before you say anything, yes, this idea takes two seconds too. If for some reason (cough, cough, global warming) it’s warmer than normal this winter during your finals week, try throwing on a midi skirt with a cute hoodie. This is beyond comfortable like you don’t understand the level of comfort if you haven’t tried it out. Add some sneakers and a cute cropped jacket and you look like a fashion major who spent an hour on their outfit when in reality, you took 10 minutes, literally. Midi skirts are everywhere but if you’re looking for quality check out Verge Girl or Mishkah Fashion. This cute outfit will never fail to get you compliments, that’s a guarantee. 

Now picture this: it’s 7:30 a.m. You have thirty minutes to rush out the door but this time you already know what your outfit is going to be so you have extra time to look over your notes or do your hair before you calmly go to your exam and ace it.