25 Ways You Know You're a Traveller at Heart

Travelling is about more than taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and jetsetting to exotic beaches - its about a journey of growth, learning, and experiencing life. While some opt for a luxury vacation, true travellers know that the path to a successful, life changing adventure is not always so cozy. We are daydreamers, we are explorers, we are story tellers. We are the ones who dream big and refuse to settle for little - the ones who would sacrifice anything for a taste of everything. We are travellers, and in our hearts, we wouldn't want to be anything else - think you can relate? Here are 25 ways you know you're a traveller at heart.
1. You can never sit still in one place

When your heart and mind are somewhere else, it can be a tad bit difficult to be content sitting in the same place.

2. Getting lost is more of an adventure than an inconvenience

You say “my GPS isn’t working” I say “challenge accepted”.


3. You’re more terrified of 9-5 job, five bedroom house in the suburbs and a minivan full of kids than you are of jumping off of a plane 10,000 ft in the air.

Because the latter is a 30 second commitment whereas the former entails living a comfortable yet stagnant life (a traveller’s worst nightmare).

4. You budget airfare over costs like food, rent, and tuition because you, my friend, have your priorities straight.

The landlord can wait, the adventure on the other hand….

5. Change is good. Change is very, very good.

Haircuts, wardrobe changes and moving from place to place excites you more than it scares you.


6. So is spontaneity. 

Because the best adventures are those you weren’t expecting - and even if it goes wrong, at least you can say....


7. After your trip, you’re planning out another trip

Sometimes, you’re planning it on the way back from your current trip.


8. You don’t consider anyone a stranger, just a friend you have yet to meet.

Everyone has a unique story and perspective on life that you want to learn more about. Strangers is a silly concept anyways.


9. #TeamTatted refers to your passport, not your body

10. It makes you angry when people ask why you’d go to a country that doesn’t speak English.

Maybe because I actually enjoy diversity in the world and have a genuine desire to understand people’s cultures and backgrounds?

11. It equally annoys you when someone asks why you’d go to the Middle East, Africa, Greece, or anywhere else the media portrays as being a “troubled area”

Do you always blindly follow what these people tell you?


12. It baffles you to no extent when people say they could never live outside of the USA.

Because living in a place with free healthcare, free education, assistance for the homeless and centralized public transportation sounds like the ultimate struggle, right? This looks like such a miserable, uninhabitable place.


13. Procrastinating for you consists of going on Google maps street view and looking up your dream destinations.

Brb, stalking the Champs Elysees on Google street views.

14. Seeing live Snapchats from all over the world makes you so happy but also hurts your soul because you’re stuck at home.

Take me where you are. Just take me there.

15. You know how to pack a suitcase like a champ.

Because 50 pounds means 50 pounds. But you know how to get a month’s worth of stuff out of it.

16. Most people’s Instagram looks like this….


17. But yours looks more like this:

or this....

or this....

or this....

But you're perfectly okay with that. 

18. You don’t care if you’re an adult -- on plane rides or train rides you call window seat.

Because you need the takeoffs and landing views and every view in between.

19. You get offended if someone calls you a tourist - you are a traveler, and there is a distinction.

Do not associate me with those loud, obnoxious, uncultured peasants.

20. Your idea of a vacation isn’t an all- inclusive resort in Cancun, it’s backpacking through the Andes and not knowing what or when your next meal will be.

Because truly travelling is living like a local, not buying overpriced margaritas on the beach - and you know that a real adventure is not always, shall we say... glamorous.


21. You think of all the money you’re spending on rent, bills and tuition in the form of all the flight tickets you could be spending it on.

With the same money you’re spending in that accounting class, you could buy yourself a plane ticket to the Amalfi Coast. And lets be real, in your eyes, you may as well be doing this...


22. You refuse to eat at chain restaurants when you’re abroad

Because why on Earth would you get Starbucks when you could get a real authentic cappuccino made by real Italians? Food just tastes so much better when its made by the people its supposed to be made by.


23. Guided tours are your worst enemy.

No… let me explore, let me wander, LET ME LIVE.

24. Unfamiliarity is more comfortable than stagnancy.

Nothing is more familiar to a traveller than the unfamiliar - we wouldn't have it any other way.

25. Home is subjective when your heart is in many different places at once.

Because you’re a citizen of the world. Your home can be found through your sense of adventure rather than an actual, physical location.