18 Things Successful College Women Look for in a Guy

Dating in college is undoubtedly plagued by this generation’s fear of commitment and general apathy towards caring about someone other than ourselves. In a world where “Netflix and chill” takes place of real dates, and “wyd” is the modern-day alternative to formally asking women out, the successful collegiette often finds herself in a dating slump. So what are the go-getters, the fashionistas, the motivated, ambitious, dream-chasing college women looking for in a guy? To start - these 18 things.

1. A guy whose date ideas span beyond “Netflix and chill”

Because let’s be real, Netflix and chill never involves Netflix or chilling, but rather serves as a pathetic excuse for not actually putting in the effort to plan out something meaningful or representative of the other person’s hobbies, interests, likes etc. “Netflix and chill?” Will always get a response of “try harder.”


2. A guy who decorates his apartment with more tasteful decor than liquor bottles

It was funny when we were freshman, now it’s a tacky reminder of how much you value drinking to the point where you want to showcase it to all who enter your apartment. Your house serves as a canvas for you to express your interests, your style, your tastes - so it’s pretty telling if an empty bottle of Aristocrat is how you choose to decorate.


3. In general, a guy who has a clean apartment

If there are open empty pizza boxes all over the counter and red solo cups all over the floor, I’m walking right back out.  


4. A guy who does not prioritize spending time with an electric box (game console) over you.

If I took the time to do my makeup, put on pants, brush my hair and actually text you back, you have absolutely zero excuse to even mention Call of Duty Black Ops in conversation unless I bring it up first (pro tip: I won’t).


5. A guy who can properly dress himself

Basketball shorts can be sexy, don’t get me wrong -- but if your wardrobe consists solely of basketball shorts and cargo pants and you choose to ever-so-tasefully wear them with your Sperry's....don't expect a second date.


6. A guy who doesn’t care about how much time has elapsed in texting you back

Nothing is more impressive or attractive than a guy who can put away his pride and text you back without the constant worry of how much time has elapsed, or if he is saying too much or too little.


7. A guy who texts you properly, not with “wyd” or “hbu”

You have an infinitely better chance of me responding to you and spending time with you if you straight up ask me to spend time with you and propose an idea of what to do. Hit me with a “wyd” text, and don’t be surprised when the only response you receive is your iPhone telling you “Read 10:48 p.m.”

8. A guy who prefers to call than text anyway

Because calls are so much more personal, so much more indicative of the fact that you actually care about me, and genuinely want to have a conversation with me.  


9. A guy who will acknowledge you in front of his friends, peers, etc.

If I’m “babe” at your house, but a stranger out in public, please delete my number.

10. A guy who doesn’t call you “bro” or “dude”

Because I’m not a bro or a dude. Please acknowledge that.

11. A guy who isn’t afraid to tell you straight up how he feels.

General ambiguity and leaving me wondering whether or not you like me, if I did something wrong, if I said too much or too little is not fun, nor is it a turn-on. Stop being so afraid of being "in your feelings" and specify if you actually have them or not.

12. A guy who will sacrifice his Friday night partying to stay in with you

If he prioritizes going out over spending time with you, its a red flag that he is not worth your time.

13. A guy with a plan -- no matter how vague it is

You don’t have to be a pre-med student on a guaranteed admission track to Johns Hopkins (but if you are - hi, hello.) However; you should have some sort of direction and ambition. I want to know your aspirations in life and how you plan on attaining them.

14. A guy who understands proper street etiquette when walking with you

Call it old-fashioned, but so many men these days fail to walk on the “street side” when walking next to a woman. I know it's not 1950 and women can protect themselves, but in the 21st century this act of courtesy serves as an indication of your respect for the woman you are walking with. Try it sometime.

15. General gentlemanliness

The way to impress a woman is not through fancy dinners or flowers, it’s by dressing nice, opening doors, dropping her home and pulling out your wallet faster than she can pull out hers.


16. A guy who doesn't need to validate himself as "the nice guy"

Chances are, if you need to convince a girl of how nice you are and how you are not going to hurt her -- you're probably trying to convince yourself the same thing - meaning you're not as nice of a guy as you portray yourself to be.

17. A guy who will take the time to ask about your life, interests and future.

If you don’t ask me anything about my future ambitions and interests beyond just “what’s your major,” this is probably the last time you’ll be seeing me. I don' t have time for someone who doesn't have an interest in being part of my master plan.

18.  A guy who acknowledges your accomplishments and supports them. 

Even little things - if I ace a test, if I get a job interview, if I do something I’m scared of - acknowledge me, support me, show me that you’re genuinely happy about my success. Because above all, a successful college women looks for someone who is going to motivate her, uplift her and stay on her level, regardless of how high it may be.