15 Holiday Hacks You Need to Use This Christmas

'Tis the season to be hacking! Here are 15 holiday hacks you can do all by yourself this Christmas!

1. Use small plastic cups to make ornament storage easy and organized.

2. Use empty aluminum foil or saran wrap boxes for cute, skinny gift boxes.

3. Paint your fall pumpkins white and turn them into adorable little snowmen.

4. Hang ornaments from your light fixtures and they’ll become Christmas chandeliers.

5. Organize your wrapping paper by hanging them up with curtain rings.

6. Turn your old cookie cutters into ornaments.

7. Turn your muffin tin into a creative Christmas countdown calendar.

8. Use hangers to make Christmas light storage fast and simple.

9. Use upside-down ice cream cones to make delicious Christmas tree cupcakes.

10. Flip an empty chip bag inside-out and turn it into cute metallic gift wrap.

11. Make cool Christmas décor out of old Christmas cards.

12. Decorate pine cones as tiny Christmas trees.

13. Build a mess-free gingerbread house out of graham crackers.

14. Make gift-wrapping quick and easy by putting a paper clip at the end of your tape roll after every use.

15. Use rubber-bands to even out sugar cookie icing for a flawless Christmas treat.