15 Black YouTubers to Add to Your Subscription List

Looking for a new creator to binge-watch? I got you covered. Here are a few of my favorite channels across genres.

  1. 1. Tee Noir

    Tee Noir makes commentary videos and video essays on pop culture and the experiences of Black women. My favorite video of theirs is "Performative Bisexuality: Y’all Not Tired?

  2. 2. As Told By Kenya

    As Told By Kenya, another commentator, makes videos usually pertaining to pop culture, public figures and music. My favorite video of hers is “The ‘Relatable’ White Girl Trend.

  3. 3. I Am Eloho

    I Am Eloho is (you guessed it) another commentary channel! What can I say? I love video essays! She makes videos about social media, breaking down viral videos and storytimes. My favorite video of hers is "Dark Skin Girl SUSPENDED From School for Having 4C Hair!

  4. 4. Black Girl Stocks

    Stock market recession

    Black Girl Stocks makes informative and digestible videos for beginners interested in getting involved in the Stock Market. She live streams weekly every Sunday to chat about what the market might look like that week, so be sure to tune in! 

  5. 5. Aliyah Simone

    Aliyah Simone makes beauty, fashion, lifestyle and vlog videos on her channel. My favorite video of hers is "My 2020 Post Break Up Glow Up/Transformation."

  6. 6. D'Angelo Wallace

    D’Angelo Wallace makes incredibly thorough and well-spoken commentary videos and video essays on celebrities, internet culture and social issues. My favorite video of his is "Shallon Lester Blocked Me Before I Could Get the Truth Out."

  7. 7. Azila Williams

    Azila Williams makes lifestyle, beauty and vlog videos. My favorite video of hers is "Feminine Hygiene Tips They DON’T Tell You."

  8. 8. Shofu

    Shofu is a video game streamer and musician, making videos primarily about Nintendo and Pokemon games. My favorite video of his is "I told these Animals not to Cross me," which is a highlight reel from one of his Twitch streams.

  9. 9. Just Call Me Wah

    Just Call Me Wah makes recap videos on TV shows like “90 Day Fiance” (my personal guilty pleasure), “Married at First Sight” and “The Bachelor.” 

  10. 10. Aysha Harun

    Aysha Harun makes videos about beauty, lifestyle, cooking and fashion— and she does it all in style. My favorite video of hers is "Quality Time With Mama + Preparing An Ethiopian Dinner."

  11. 11. TroyceTV

    TroyceTV makes mukbangs (eating shows), commentary videos and video essays. My favorite video of his is "Why YOUTUBERS & The R!CH Can't Be Trusted."

  12. 12. Shan Boody

    Shan Boody, a self-proclaimed “sexologist” makes videos all about sex, intimacy, relationships and even adds a bit of lifestyle here and there. My favorite video of hers is "6 Women Describe How They Orgasm."

  13. 14. Divas Can Cook

    Divas Can Cook makes regular, how-to cooking videos with easy-to-follow instructions and delicious recipes. My favorite video of hers is "Chewy Snickerdoodle Cookies: The Bomb Diggity Kind."

  14. 15. PrettyBrown&Nerdy

    PrettyBrown&Nerdy makes videos about video games, movies, TV and anime. My favorite video of hers is "Nerd Talk: Gamer Girl Struggles."