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14 Things Tall Girls Are Tired of Hearing

Most importantly, you should love and embrace yourself. But have you ever been put in a predicament where someone is just so amazed by your height? Here’s a list of things tall girls are tired of hearing.   

1. You’re so tall

People wake up every day and look at themselves, thanks for telling me what I already know.


2.  Do you model?

In society today they say the average height is 5’7.”  I’m glad I received your attention, but every tall girl isn’t a model. I appreciate your compliment but no, I do not. I am a regular college girl.

3. You’re pretty for a tall girl

It sounds ridiculous right, but I do hear this. This literally kills me when I hear this come out of a male’s mouth. Do I want to say thank you or roll my eyes and walk away?


4. Do you play basketball?

I understand we will probably benefit on someone’s basketball team as a center but NO — stop asking. This is the most common, annoying question tall females get asked. But for all the ladies doing the damn thing on the court, we appreciate you. 


5. Can you reach that for me?

Typically, you would hear this at a grocery store or in the mall while shopping. Since I’m not a rude person I don’t mind, but I know for a fact this gets on most girls’ nerves because they have been singled out.

6. Are your parents really tall?

A question that involves so much explaining because most of the time it’s just not about your parents being tall. It can just be that your grandmother or uncle is tall. 

7. If you don’t play basketball what about volleyball?

NO, NO, NO please stop talking to me. I tried, but it was an epic fail.

8. That’s too short on you.

My tall ladies understand this problem. People don’t understand it’s not the piece of clothing, it’s our height. Leave us be please.

9. You walk too fast

Keep up with a boss.

10. Can you give me some of your height?

This one literally makes me laugh out loud. When this question is asked I’m pretty sure females’ faces get so stale. Thank you for the idea but no thanks.

11. Are you going to wear heels?

Of course this is another common question and the question to this answer is yes. Females don’t want to wear flats 24/7. Zendaya is 5’10″ flatfoot so if she can do it we definitely can.

12. You make me feel so short

All I can say is I apologize. Blame my mother and father for making you feel this way. 

13. Where do you find pants long enough for you?

Hollister, Fashion Nova, H&M should I go on? We’re not mutants. We most likely get our pants/jeans from the same place as you and wear it better.

14. How tall are you?

Had to save the best one for last.


Kelsey is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is studying mass communications with a concentration in broadcast journalism. When she is not involved with school, she likes to catch up on her reality shows and stuff her face with Snicker bars.
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