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13 Signs That You’re an Overprotective Sister

There two types of overprotective siblings: the ones who are constantly on your back and the ones who always have your back, but a lot of us have been both. Sometimes you just can’t help it! After all who else are you supposed to pass on your infinite wisdom to? Anyways, they can be just as protective of you and you wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s all out of love after all! Now if you’re a bit more uppity and think that you aren’t overprotective (after all any word with over in front of it can have a bit of a negative connotation to it) then here’s a list of signs that you are in fact an overprotective sister. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

1. You worry a lot.

Did your sister get back to school okay? How’s your brother handling that math class? I hope they’ve gotten better eating habits since I last saw them, they really can’t skip breakfast. And please, please, PLEASE text me when you get home you incompetent fool! These are just a few of the daily thoughts that pass through your head.

2. You’re more interested in your sibling’s life than your own.

You constantly wonder what they’re up to but try not to text them too much, you don’t want to cramp their style. But you just found out you’re little brother has a crush on a girl and is too scared to ask her out which is equal parts terrifying, adorable and infuriating. Then your sister’s been so busy lately and you’re concerned if their friends actually deserve to be friends with people as absolutely incredible as your siblings. Sometimes you can come across as a bit judgemental but it’s just your way of showing how much you care.

3. If someone hurts/attacks your sibling, the claws come out.

If someone were to insult you, you’d get defensive and stick up for yourself, but if someone goes after your sibling, you become a warrior. You can practically feel the fire in your eyes and you definitely can picture yourself ripping off the offender’s head. No one messes with your sibling, except you, of course. 

4. If you played sports with your sibling, you made sure they didn’t get hurt.

Were you ever responsible for a few serious injuries, yeah. Your brother still has scars from you digging your nails into his arm when he threatened your stuffed animal with the toilet. But if you ever played a team sport with your sibling and they got so much as knocked over, your mission for the rest of the game was to go after the other team strategically enough so as to avoid getting a foul but if that was the only way to knock that girl who tripped your sister on her butt, well you would be willing to take that risk.

5. You have to approve of every boyfriend/girlfriend that may come along.

Is he nice to you? Does she appreciate you? Do they have a good sense of humor? Will they fit in well at the dinner table at Christmas time? It doesn’t matter if it’s an inkling of interest or a long term relationship, the same rules apply. You were here first, after all.

6. You will hate anyone who breaks your sibling’s heart, and you don’t forget.

Remember your sister’s elementary school boyfriend who broke up with her in a perfectly acceptable way, yep, hate him. What about that girl who rejected your brother his freshman year? Yeah? Hate her. And 20 years from now, you’ll still hate them. And if someone were to seriously break your sibling’s heart? Hell hath no fury like an overprotective sister.

7. You have to talk to them regularly.

At least through text message, but you also really do want to hear their voice more often than not. You like knowing what’s going on in their life, plus their voices are extremely calming, it means they’re ok.

8. You’ve stopped being friends with people because they insulted your sibling.

Seriously. Don’t mess with my siblings. You want to insult the school they go to or their career choice? That’s fine, it’s a free country. And on that note I will be expressing my right to never speak to you again and therefore avoiding ever having to listen to your wrong and spiteful opinion ever again.

9. You’ve been called a second mother.

You tend to tell your siblings what to do, and occasionally this comes across as mothering them so they naturally throw the “I don’t need another mom, I’ve already got one, thanks though” jibe at you. And yes, it is very annoying, but it usually does make you realize that you might sound a little like your mother as you yell at your little brother to watch his language while he’s playing his videogames.

10. You’ve gotten into fights with your parents on your sibling’s behalf.

On the other side of sounding like your mother, you’ve also gotten into fights with your mother, defending your sibling. Often times you use the excuse that they’ve had a rough day so it would be cool if your mom could go a little easy on them. Or maybe you agree with your sibling, and you can swear that they did not mean to talk back at the dinner table, they honestly thought that they were just answering a question!

11. You’ve probably saved their life at least once.

This is especially true for if you have a brother because boys can be really stupid. Whether it’s stopping him from jumping off his toy chest with the blinds chord wrapped around his neck so he can fly like Batman or informing him that skateboarding of the roof really isn’t the safest idea, you’ve been there to save their life, and they totally owe you for it.

12. You hate living far away from them.

You hate not eating a meal with them every day, and you hate not hearing about their day on the way home from school. You can’t stand it when you find out important information from your parents and you especially hate that you can’t be there to hug them and comfort them when life gets to be too much.

13. You know you can’t always help them, but they know you’re always there.

You love your siblings, and if you could, you’d make sure they never had to face any difficulty for the rest of their lives. But you also know that challenging situations are a part of life and they’re necessary for your siblings’ growth and development, but they know that you are always one phone call away if they ever need you.

Sometimes you can be a little overbearing, and you tend to hold your siblings to higher standard than you do yourself, but it’s because you know that they are capable of doing whatever they dream of and you want them to excel at everything they attempt. 

Jessica is a Senior who majors in English and Philosophy with a concentration in Law at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also involved heavily in her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, RamTHON, the English Honor Society, and she's a Rowdy Ram. When she's not staying up until 3 am pounding Diet Cokes and writing essays last minute or stressing about "life after college", she can be found quoting FRIENDS and Shakespeare and laughing at her own jokes. If you're feeling super curious about her personality, just look at her Gemini horoscope or her Myers Briggs results (E/INFP btw). 
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