10 Ways to Spend Galentine’s Day

Many of you may be single or not be able to spend valentine’s day with your significant other, so you resort to spending it with your friends. Well, here are a few of my ideas to make the most of your Valentine’s Day with your friends!

  1. 1. Watch a Movie or Two

    This may seem like a basic option, but you can always go out or stay in. For example, you can have a movie marathon from your living room or go to the movie theatre and see the latest rom com. 

  2. 2. Cook or Go Out for Dinner

    Again, this seems like a rather basic idea. However, treating yourself to a nice dinner with your friends is always satisfying. If you would like to stay in and cook, you guys can always cook as a group. I always find group cooking extremely fun!

  3. 3. Go Shopping 

    silly friends hats party store three girls

    As someone who loves shopping, there is never a bad time to go out and at least window shop. You and your friends can have fun picking out cute outfits to go out later in too!

  4. 4. Go to a Comedy Show

    This may not be the first idea that comes to mind when thinking about Valentine’s day, but I guarantee you that you will not regret going to a show with your friends. I mean, who doesn’t love to laugh? If you or your friends are bold enough, maybe you can even try to stand-up yourselves.

  5. 5. Go to the Spa

    woman getting a spa day face mask

    Here is another option, which is having a girls day at the spa. You have so many options going here and you are guaranteed to feel amazing afterward!

  6. 6. Host a Game Night

    These nights are always a hit with my friend group as we usually play comedic games. Again, who doesn’t love laughing? You can always play more serious games if that’s your style.

  7. 7. Go to a Concert

    Lindsay Thompson-Music Festival Miami Ultra Lights Stage Concert Balloons Music Edm

    Most people love music, so why not go to a concert on Valentine’s Day? You can spend your time jamming out with your friends rather than just being by yourself.

  8. 8. Volunteer in the Community

    Valentine’s Day is a sad day for many, so why not do something that makes you feel good? Helping others and giving back always makes me feel emotionally satisfied. 

  9. 9. Take a Trip

    friends road trip california fall break windows down music

    This is a little more costly than the rest of my suggestions, but friend trips are always fun. It doesn’t have to be that thought-out either. It could just be a little spontaneous day trip if you would like!

  10. 10. Cupid Gift Exchange

    This is literally the same exact concept as Secret Santa but themed for Valentine’s Day. This works really well for big friend groups. If you would like something a bit more interesting, you can always put a twist on it like the White Elephant gift exchange game. 

You can always combine these ideas together, you don’t have to stick to one! Plenty of these things will go together, however, I suggest not spreading yourself too thin because we all need a little bit of alone time, even on Valentine's Day.