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10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single

If you ​find February the 14th approaching and it seems as if this will be one more year without a special someone to wine and dine you and shower you with corny, over-commercialized gifts, do not fret! Survive Friday the 13th and make the 14th a day of self-love! After all, the key to finding someone to fall in love with you for Valentine’s Days of the future is be in love with yourself first! Here are 10 ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day without a Valentine!

1. Cozy Girls Night/Friends Night

Grab your girlfriends, platonic guy friends, or just your whole crew and distract yourselves from the fact that you are lacking a significant other by enjoying each other’s company. Make it a potluck, complete with yummy snacks, tasty drinks, fun games and great conversation. Have a group cuddle sesh and realize you are uber-lucky because you get a room full of loving friends to enjoy the night with!

2. Dinner and a Movie for Two Peas in a Pod

Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a best friend? If you and your bff both find yourselves partner-less for Valentine’s Day, forget the haters and make a dinner reservation for the two of you! Dress up like it’s a date night because you and your best friend are going to slay whichever restaurant you step foot into. Men on dates with their women will be jealous that they are not dating you two AND there will be no weird romantic expectations to fulfill — just lots of laughs, delicious food, great conversation and beautiful company. After dinner you and your baddie best friend should head to the movies to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s not sappy or funny, just sexy, which you two are. It might get you feeling some type of way, but Jamie Dornan is hot enough for the feels.

3. Mushy Movie Night

Why do we love sappy romance movies? Why do we insist on watching people fall in love on screen while we sit on our couches stuffing our faces and crying into our pillows? Honestly, I don’t know; I, for one, am not a fan of this activity. But I know a ton of people who are and so organize a mushy movie night with other people who like to do this and watch all the mushy love movies that will make you feel hope, sadness, joy and depressed all in one hour and 50 minutes. I hear The Notebook is a common favorite among you sappy folks.

4. “Love is Stupid” Rom Com Movie Night

This movie night is more my speed. Watching romantic comedies is a wonderful choice for Valentine’s Day loneliness because usually someone in the rom com loves someone who loves someone else who is cheating on their girlfriend with their bosses, brother’s puppy. Someone gets slapped, there is crying, hi-jinks, hot guys, hilarious moments and it is completely unbelievable, but somehow in the end the awkward, gawky girl ends up with the James Marsden look-a-like and all is well in the world. 27 Dresses and He’s Just Not That Into You are two of my favorites.

5. Black Hearts Party

As seen on the MTV television show Awkward, Valentine’s Day singles host a Black Hearts Party. Everyone must wear black, because it’s the opposite of pink, and is also very slimming. Everyone who attends must be slightly bitter about Valentine’s Day for some reason or another. And basically you are bound to find someone cool at this party who shares your intense disdain for this faux holiday. Socializing with other Valentine’s Day haters has to be more fun than hating it alone in your apartment with your cat staring at you. Who knows? If the music is right you might just fall in love while you talk about hating love. Omigawd. Tew Cyute.

6. Spa Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and you don’t have a date! You deserve a full body spa treatment. Get your hair did, get your nails done and let a tall, muscular, Swedish man named Sven rub you down while you de-stress from all the romantic shenanigans you’ve dealt with since last Valentine’s Day a year ago. You’ve been working hard to find the love of your life. You haven’t succeeded yet, but this spa day is the perfect pick-me-up and rest day to reboot your energy for the hunt for that special someone.

7. Family Lovin’

Don’t feel unloved on Valentine’s Day! If there is anything you can be sure about it’s that those people you spent the first 17 years of life with, love you more than anyone you will ever meet. Hangout with your ‘rents, or your immediate family on Valentine’s Day. Bask in their love for you and tell them you love them a lot because family is definitely more important than that idiot who broke your heart six months ago. They are the real MVP’s.

8. Spread the Love

If you find you are an overflowing vessel of love with no one to share it with it, do some community outreach and show your love for humankind with acts of kindness! Volunteer at a women’s shelter, a homeless shelter, a Veteran center or the SPCA. You could even find a Valentine’s Day charity event like a love run to get involved with. Giving back makes you feel super duper fuzzy inside and who knows? You could find your Jake Gyllenhaal look-a-like love at a charitable event like in one of those stupid sappy love movies. Ehrmagerd tuuu cuhute.

9. Drink the Tears Away

Are you single? Is it Valentine’s Day? Are you trying to forget a recent heart break? Are you trying to forget the fact that you are almost in your mid-twenties and still haven’t found someone good enough to grace your presence? It’s okay — I hear a glass of red wine, or two glasses…maybe it was five glasses? Anyway, I hear it’s really great for heart health. And Valentine’s Day is all about heart health right? Stupid heart decorations everywhere and all that jazz.

10. Single Awareness Day Celebration!

Sad is what you shouldn’t be on S.A.D! Take time to celebrate in whatever way you see fit. Celebrating what? You may ask. You should celebrate your independence! Your beauty! Your friends! Everything I listed above. Celebrate that your special someone is probably out there just as single as you are because he hasn’t met you yet. Celebrate the fact that you didn’t keep dating that one weird guy with the tool-bag demeanor just so you could have a cheap dinner on a faux holiday. Celebrate the future, because who knows? Maybe next Valentine’s Day this article will not even be relevant to your life ;) Oh. Ma. Gad. Too Kute.

Chantelle is from Virginia Beach, VA, and is currently a Junior at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a Psychology Major with a Minor in Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies. She is an intense lover of comedy and is always looking for a reason to laugh. Her hobbies include dance, theatre, reading, and watching a lot t.v. You will usually find her dancing in a mirror, at a play or musical, filling her tummy with exotic foods, or crying over a piece of malfunctioning technology. She is an avid feminist, and loves helping people of all walks of life. After graduation she hopes to continue on to earn her Ph.D in Child Psychology and spend the rest of her days making young little humans smile more. You can find her spreading wisdom on Twitter @chantelltelle 
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