10 Times Fuller House Broke Our Heart

If you're like the rest of us, you were super excited about Fuller House coming to Netflix. With midterms out of the way, it was great to catch up with this nostalgic TV show. Here are 10 Times Fuller House Broke Our Heart 


1. Let's talk about that trailer and how they had one of the most famous living rooms in television. 

2. Okay, now opening credits. They were just babies! We were just babies! The glo up is real! 

3. Group hugs. Always. 

4. Comet's grandchild. Because what is Full House without a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy. 

5. Kimmy Gibbler being as Kimmy as ever. 

6. Come on, you know you find him adorable. 

7. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's love being as strong as ever. 

8. Uncle Jesse in general. Because you know you never got over that crush. 

9. Steve still in love with DJ after all these years. Even if it's a little creepy. 

10. Last but not least, the entire family together singing the Flinstones theme song. Cue the waterworks. 

Now we just wait on Season 2!