10 Struggles of Being "The Nice Girl" as Told by Taylor Swift

Everyone has certain members in their squad--the badass, the cool girl, the smart one or, as Taylor Swift has made famous, the nice girl. It's this last one we want to bring your attention to, for the "nice girl" often deals with the most and has the most trying times of anyone in the group. Here's ten of the struggles the so-called "nice girl" faces, so you can better understand your friends and/or yourself:

1. The expectation of being nice to LITERALLY everyone.

They could have killed your puppy and stolen your car, but if you're the "nice girl" they still expect you to be nice to them.

2. No one ever taking you seriously. Ever.

If you have the cure for cancer and you're a nice girl, you're out of luck. People want you to listen to their issues and give advice, not share any of your ideas.

3. Being kind and understanding 24/7.

You could be in the middle of a cram session for a final and be in the worst mood humanly possible, but a friend would still expect you to listen to everything they have to say and give better advice than Oprah.

4. Having an acute case of resting bitch face.

If you had a quarter for the amount of times you've heard "I thought you were so mean when we first met because you always look mad!" you could get plastic surgery to fix your case of RBF. 

5. Getting taken advantage of.

Sometimes your friends use you to get a compliment when they're feeling down or get some advice because they know you're the only one who will listen. Happy to be of service, but only if you aren't using me.

6. The gasps and stares that come with saying one slightly mean comment.

If you're having an off day or are feeling particularly sassy and let one mean comment slip, it's as if the world ending. It's called sugar AND spice, people. 

7. Being permanently branded as "The Nice Girl."

If you were the Nice Girl in fourth grade, you'll be known as the Nice Girl until you either graduate, move or die. Might as well get it tattooed on your forehead, TBH.

8. Dealing with mean people.

You just don't understand how anyone could be mean all the time--like, does Satan control your brain, or...?

9. Always being the one who has advice.

Sometimes, you just don't have any advice to give on a situation--but you're still expected to give some.

10. Not having anyone to turn to yourself.

At times it seems like you listen to everyone and give them great advice, but when you have a problem or something to talk about there's no one to listen or talk to.