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10 Songs That Will Always Make Us Think of Our Freshman Year of College

1. Antidote by Travis Scott 

This song was released right before the majority of us went off to college and it became a college anthem. For about the first two or three weeks of school this song would be playing at the pregame, in the Uber on the way to the party, at least twice at the party itself, and in the Uber back home.


2. 679 by Fetty Wap

This song was also technically released in the summer but it became an instant banger. Although its presence faded as the year progressed, it’s a go to song that will always be a hit at parties.


3. Hotline Bling by Drake 

It’s nearly impossible to have gone through your freshman year of college without learning all of the lyrics to this song and perfecting your Drake dance. 


4. White Iverson by Post Malone 

Whenever this song came on everyone stopped what they were doing to sing along. No two words have ever brought a crowd together as quickly as “double OT.”


5. Back to Back by Drake 

Everyone was excited when this song came out due to the feud that led to its creation and that excitement was evoked every time it came on at a party.  


6. Sorry by Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber came out with a couple of hits this year but Sorry by far had the most plays at college parties.


7. Jumpman by Drake

Who could’ve seen this coming? Yet another banger from our dear friend Drake.  


8. Work by Rihanna 

You might have hated this song when it first came out. You might still hate it but you’re lying if you say your body doesn’t immediately start moving when this song comes on. I want to thank Rihanna for providing the perfect party anthem to finish off our first year of college.


9. One Dance by Drake 

Drake in general is always going to make me think of my first year of college. He provided hit after hit the entire year. Drake might have been the only consistency I experienced during this whirlwind of a year.


10. My Boo by Ghost Town DJs 

As diehard fans of this song, my friends and I were grateful for the running man challenge because it meant this song would be played at the function no matter what. This is such a feel good song and immediately enhances a party. It’s the perfect way to begin or end any occasion.  

Katie is a freshman at VCU studying mass communications with a concentration in journalism. She loves attending concerts, James Franco's instagram selfies, quoting Will Ferrell movies, and her two dogs Laila and Frazier. You can follow her on twitter and instagram @katiebashista. 
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