10 Reasons Why Easter is The Best Holiday

Easter Sunday is a celebration... whether if you're religious or not, there are many things to appreciate about it. Easter is fun, colorful and full of spirit. I wait for Easter patiently every year, even though I work Easter morning now which is a shame. Here are 10 reasons why Easter is better than all other holidays.

1 - Bunnies. 

You know you clicked on this article because of the bunny on the thumbnail picture, don't even try to lie to me. Bunnies are everywhere at the Easter celebration... it's essentially a celebration of the cutest animals in the entire world.

2 - The Color Scheme.

Who doesn't love pastel colors? They go well together and although they aren't necessarily bright, they are cheery. 

3 - The Chocolate.

There is always special chocolate for Easter and it's not just limited to bunnies... the chocolate hazelnut carrots by Lindt are literally amazing. A whole separate aisle from the regular candy aisle that consists of MORE candy is always a blessing.

4 - Amazing Food.

Easter food is simply irresistible. Honey ham, potato salad and deviled eggs... the list goes on and on. 

5 - Time With Family.

Everyone loves seeing Auntie Gladys on Easter, right? I'm kidding, Auntie Gladys is a pain in the butt... but seeing those cool cousins from another state who you never see is pretty cool.

6 - Easter Egg Hunting.

Easter eggs are sometimes filled with cool treats, and sometimes they're boiled eggs for a quick little snack. Beautiful colors too!

7 - Clearance Candy The Day After.

You can get bags and bags of candy you love every day of the year... but in cute pastel packages for half off the original price.

8 - Easter Baskets.

I know that most of us don't get gift baskets anymore... but they're sweet. Try giving a creative Easter basket to one of the people close to you this holiday.

9 - Baby Chicks.

Look at those tiny little faces! How could you resist them?

10 - Going to Church.

Having a moment with God is always a special experience if you're religious, and celebrating a sacred holiday with fellow Christians is moving.

Easter doesn't have to be celebrated by everyone, but it is still a wonderful holiday full of joy and love for your fellow man. Happy Easter everyone!

All GIFs from GIPHY.