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10 Oily Skin Care and Makeup Products to Use this Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Taking care of oily skin can be a hassle, especially during warmer months, but don’t worry. We’re here to help.

1. Foaming facial cleanser

When choosing a facial cleanser for oily skin, the most important thing to consider is foam. Foaming facial cleansers work great on oily skin because once you get a good lather going, you can literally feel the bubbles cleansing your pores. Cleansers that don’t get foamy are normally better for dry skin. Be sure to do this in the morning and at night, especially after a day of wearing makeup!

2. Astringent or toner

It burns so good. Grab a cotton pad and apply your favorite toner right after you wash your face. It will burn a little more than usual because your pores are wide open, but that’s when it works the best! You’ll wake up in the morning with a natural glow.

3. Oil-free moisturizer with SPF

If you have oily skin, the last thing you want to do is put more oil on it. Find an oil-free moisturizer and use it only when you feel like you absolutely need it. The goal may be to eliminate excess oil on the skin, but we all know how annoying a dry face can be. Be sure to find a moisturizer with SPF because using these products daily can make your skin more vulnerable to the sun.

4. Clay face masks

The best time to apply a face mask is right before bed (or on a lazy day that you don’t plan on leaving the house). Clay masks work great on oily skin because the clay can soak up all of the oil in your pores.

5. Vibrating facial brush

Trust us on this. Your fingers do a great job of cleaning your face and so does an exfoliating washcloth, but not many things work better than a vibrating facial brush. It can reach places you can’t and move with much greater speed. Move the brush in tiny circles around your face as the vibrations help rid your pores of dirt and oil. They aren’t all super expensive, by the way. You can find a cheap one at almost any drugstore.

6. Primer

Okay, on to makeup. Primer (oil-free, of course) will smoothen your skin and prep it for that beat. It can also help absorb oil while hiding pores and fine lines.

7. Foundation

An oil-free foundation is always best for oily skin. If you are using concealer in addition to foundation, ease up on the foundation and use a little more concealer in place of it. Concealer has much less oil in it. However, if powder foundation is your thing, then you’re already on a good track. Powder foundation will add much less oil to your skin throughout the day than a liquid foundation would.

8. Translucent powder

After you apply your foundation, it’s best to apply a translucent powder just to keep excess oil down. It’ll also give you a “Red Carpet ready” matte finish. Just be careful not to use too much. A little goes a long way.

9. Setting spray

This is the last step of your makeup routine. Be sure to find a weightless setting spray that controls the amount of oil on your skin and leaves you with a gorgeous matte finish that could last all day.

10. Blotting sheets

These thin oil-absorbing sheets of paper will be your best friend throughout the day, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. It will help your makeup stay in place and keep the shine down. Keep a pack of blotting sheets in your bag at all times.

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Erica Dabney is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University. Some of her favorite activities include discovering new music, tearing down the patriarchy and dining out at black-owned restaurants in Richmond. She plans to graduate with her bachelors in journalism in 2019.
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