10 Jobs We All Wish Existed

We all choose our majors and work hard to get a great job when we graduate. But college is hard, every time you turn around there’s a new hurdle you have to jump over. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose thought of dropping out and getting an easy job that would make me happy. Sadly, a lot of things that we would all love to do every day aren’t actual professions or jobs. Here are 10 examples of jobs we all wish existed:

1. Professional puppy snuggler

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to cuddle puppies all day? You would just be constantly cuddling puppies and getting puppy kisses. Sounds like a dream come true.


2. Professional napper

Who doesn’t want to get paid to nap? Your office would be a relaxing room with a huge comfy bed. It would be so stress and carefree.


3. Professional makeup tester

Ulta or Sephora could hire you and all you’d have to do is try out all the new beauty products that come out. You would get paid to play with makeup and give your first impressions.


4. Professional baby stylist

Because baby clothes are so much cuter than adult clothes. You would get to choose what cute babies get to wear and basically be emotional all day.


5. Professional Netflix binger

You’d get paid to binge watch a series on Netflix and tell someone what you think. You’d get to watch all the popular shows all from the comfort of your home and bed.


6. Social media spy

People would hire you to stalk and spy on people on social media. Let’s be honest, we all do this in our free time anyways.


7. Funny video watcherYou’d watch funny YouTube videos all day and never stress out. There’s an endless amount of funny videos on the internet, it’s your job to find the best ones.


8. Pinterest DIY tester

All you would do is scroll through Pinterest and test out DIY’s. You would see which ones are absolute fails and which ones could make people’s lives a little better.


9. Professional twitter troll

You would troll people on Twitter and constantly post memes. It would never get boring.


10. Professional fan girl

You would follow and post all about your favorite celebrities and singers. Your favorite celebrity's or singer's manager would hire you to run into them in public places and attend all of their concerts and appearances for publicity and to make it known that they are still popular.

All of these jobs sound too good to be true. Who knows what the future will bring, though. If there was such a thing as a professional puppy snuggler and professional napper, people would definitely quit their day jobs and drop out of college.

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