You Need to Know about These Black Female Musicians

Here are three Black female musicians/groups and a few songs from them that you need to know.

1. Tiana Major9

Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Tiana Major9 makes music for the passionate. While her sound is hard to classify, jumping from classic R&B to upbeat jazz infused pop, it is easy to feel. Songs like Same Space?, ...Exclusively, and Collide are teeming with both yearning and pain, revealing a genuine vulnerability that is unignorable. Her new album Major Mantras is an exploration of the self and a journey to identify what keeps one grounded and able to rise above everything the world will try to throw. 

2. Victoria Monét

One power of music is its ability to transport you to a different world. Victoria Monét’s music, complete with velvety vocals and a refreshingly airy sound, leads you into a lush, soft dreamscape that you never want to leave. Her latest project Jaguar is a step further into this world with songs like Moment, Experience, and Go There With You that showcase Monét’s ability to create a lane between pop and R&B that is all her own.

3. VanJess

Nigerian-American sister duo VanJess are on the come-up. Their latest EP Homegrown features artists like Phony Ppl and KAYTRANADA, and delivers a smooth R&B vibe reminiscent of the 90s in songs like Slow Down. DYSFUNCTIONAL and Come Over explore different facets of R&B, illustrating VanJess’s mastery of the genre and a flexibility that allows them to produce an EP with a diversity of sounds.