Why A $50 Toothbrush is Worth Every Penny

My grandfather is a dentist, so I grew up using bulky electric toothbrushes or whatever he would send my way. As I headed out into the world for the first time on my own (well, semi-on-my-own) for college, I knew I wanted something that would give me the same “dentist-level” clean but that was way more portable and a little less embarrassing to bring into the communal bathrooms.

I stumbled upon Quip, then a new brand that millenials seemed to be raving about. I decided to take the chance and order myself a sleek, gold electric toothbrush along with a refill package that sent a new brush head and a battery four times a year to keep things working and cleaning well. Little did I know at the time, that toothbrush purchase would be the best decision I could have ever made for myself! It has seen multiple continents, three different dorm rooms, and has been dragged with me to every family visit. Its portable case is easy to grab on-the-go and throw into any carry-on, while keeping the brush head itself free from bacteria and whatever other horrible things lay in wait for a traveling toothbrush. It is slim and sits nicely on any sink in it’s “docking station”, and you can even attach it to the mirror if your sink doesn’t have a good resting place.

Not only is it super convenient to have around, but it cleans just as well as any of the name-brand electric toothbrushes I’ve had over the years. Even my grandfather was pleasantly surprised at how well it cleaned my teeth! I absolutely love my Quip and hope I never have to buy a different toothbrush again.