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What Lurks in the Night

Hello readers! I trust you all have had great summers. This year I would like to start off on a serious note. By making the title of this article what it is, I want to get your attention and pique your curiosity. “What exactly is lurking in the dark,” you must be thinking. Well I have a thorough answer for you… EVERYTHING!! As a college student, everyone needs to wake up and pay attention! I do not want to scare anybody to the point of paranoia, but honestly I do want to scare you straight.

As conversation floats about campus, it is apparent to any listening ear that many dangers existing on campus are taken lightly. Understand, students, that rape, forcible fondling, and burglaries are NOT a joke.

Some students are like Now and Laters- you know the old school candy?? You laugh at other people’s misfortunes now, but later, when it happens to you or a friend, you want sympathy?? It should not work like that at all. The best lessons in life are learned through observation of someone else’s mistakes. Some people may argue with me on that but at the end of any day it is true.

 Tips for staying safe:

1. Be more exclusive in the people you choose to have in your immediate circle. EVERYBODY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

2. Be more observant of ALL of your surroundings.


3. Watch your alcohol consumption!! Being sloppy drunk IS NOT CUTE. Do yourself and everybody else a favor and stay home if you are sloppy wasted! SERIOUSLY!


4. Get more information on the assistance available to you as a student on campus through the VUPD, PCC, Women’s Center, etc.

5. Travel in numbers to any events at night. Predators are more likely to be deterred by big groups. We all have to make it to gradation together!!
6. And lastly join “TAKE BACK THE NIGHT” an on campus organization that will inform you about doing all of these things plus more!


Let’s all do a better job of helping one another and also being more mindful about our own actions. Be safe, until next time.


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