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The Verdict Is In: Our favorite Flavors of Diet Coke

Last month we tried all 6 of Diet Coke’s new flavors and put them to the test as we went through our daily routines. Below we’ve determined which Diet Coke you should use for every occassion.


To start your day of fresh: Ginger Lime

The subtly taste of ginger and lime is refreshing and perfect for jumo starting your day before class or an internship.


The perfect compliment to your on campus meal: Bluberry Acai

I don’t know about you, but something about Rand’s giant case full of desserts makes me not want to reach in and grab a sweet treat. Blueberry Acai DIet Coke can be your go-to dessert substitute when you’re too afraid to munch on the precariously displayed red velvet & orange blend dessert muffin concoction at the dining hall.


For your pre-game mixer: Strawberry Agave

What’s not to love about a sweet strawberry and agave flavor added to your alcoholic drink of choice. Both fruits are already commonalities in the adult beverage world so switching it up with Diet Coke’s rendition of the classic flavors makes for a new kind of pre-gaming experience.

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