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Summer’s Hottest Hats

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Vanderbilt chapter.
Summertime means sun which means sun protection! Everyone knows that you should put on sunscreen everyday and wear a hat to protect your scalp, but only a few people do it. I’m guilty that I never wear a hat at the beach, but mostly because I don’t have a cute one! There are plenty of different styles of sun hats so check out below to see which type you can rock.
  1. Target has this great Merona Striped Floppy Hat for only $14.99. It’s wide brim helps protect your face from the suns rays, which means fewer wrinkles later in life!
  2. If you don’t want a wide brim, check out the Straw Hat from H&M for $12.95. It’s cute shape will show off any hairstyle and it doesn’t limit you to the beach. This style would also look great shopping at the farmers market or window-shopping through town.
  3. Forever 21 always has some great finds. If you want a hat that will be the perfect fashion accessory, look for the Flower Child Baseball Hat. It’s a great compliment to a lazy summer outfit and only $8.80.
  4. If you want to rock that Nashville style, look for a beachy straw cowboy hat. Boot barn has this straw cowboy hat for $59.99 and it’s a fun way to look great on the beach or at the ranch.