A Style Icon's Reading List: 2019 Edition

For three and a half years, I ran a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog that I poured my heart and soul into week after week. Of the dozens of series and hundreds of posts I published, one of my all time favorites (and most consistent!) was my seasonal fashion syllabus series titled A Fashionista’s Reading List. There were some standout editions like A Fashionista’s Reading List: Fall 2016 and a few duds here and there. But the gist of the series is one that I want to hold on to.

Today, it’s A Fashionista’s Reading List. Hopefully, tomorrow it’ll be A History Buff’s Reading List, next week A Beauty Junkie’s Reading List, and maybe one day we’ll publish A Pizza Lover’s Reading List or something of that like. But until then, without further ado, here’s A Fashionista’s Reading List: 2019 Edition.  

1. Nasty Galaxy by Sophia AmorusoImage result for nasty galaxy

2. DVF: Journey of a Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

Image result for Journey of a dress diane

3. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton

Image result for Savage Beauty andrew bolton

4. Pantone of Fashion: A Century of Color in Design  by Leatrice Eiseman

Image result for Pantone of fashion leatrice Eiseman

5. Women in this Town by Giuseppe Santamaria

Image result for Women in this Town giuseppe

6. Refinery29: Style Stalking by Piera Gelardi

Image result for Style Stalking piera

7. Dandy Lion by Shantrelle P. Lewis

Image result for dandy lion shantrelle lewis8. The Teen Vogue Handbook by Amy Astley

Image result for The teen vogue handbook

(pictures courtesy of Amazon.com)