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Study Break- Let’s Bake!

Whenever I need a study break, I always take a nice trip on over to Pinterest. After only a few minutes of pinning, I feel instantly more calm, perhaps because I’ve just planned my wedding, my wardrobe, and my workout schedule for the next week. But Pinterest is also home to thousands of delectable recipes, and as an avid food blogger, there is nothing I love more than pinning pics of salted caramel brownies and funfetti chocolate chip scones. 

I find it slightly annoying that there are so many delicious recipes on Pinterest during bathing suit season, but c’est la vie, right? I’ve found that taking the time to bake something wonderful and then actually tasting it, instead of scarfing down a ton of batter before the recipe is even completed, can be a super-healthy habit, especially if one is practicing the art of moderation. As an ex-cookie dough addict, I know it might seem difficult, but I swear it’s so rewarding in the end to try your finished product and then give the rest away to all of your friends! Just a hint- guys love baked goods and they’ll be more than willing to take some off your hands :) 

So as a nice finals study break, check out these yummy recipes and get psyched for summer, where most of y’all will have access to your wonderful home kitchens once again! 

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1) Chocolate Chip Cookie Peanut Butter S’mores 
taken from How Sweet It Is 

S’mores always take me back to summer nights spent around a campfire. Enjoy this yummy take on a classic treat with your girlfriends from home and a chick flick movie marathon! 

2) Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Whipped Cream  
taken from Cupcakes and Cashmere 

Trying to find a light dessert to take to a family get-together? Look no further than this recipe for angel food cake, spiced up with some super-delicious chocolate whipped cream. Everyone in your family will love you for making it, and they won’t even feel too bad if they reach for a second slice! 

3) Thin Mint Cookies 
taken from Eat, Live, Run 

Already missing your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor? Check out this recipe for healthy homemade thin mints, and feel less awful about yourself when you eat them all in one sitting. 

4) Fudgy Chocolate Cake Bars 
taken from Pinch of Yum 

Whenever I go home, I always make sure to bake something super-chocolatey for my dad. He’s one of those people that only eats dark chocolate, so finding a recipe isn’t always easy. But these chocolate cake bars look right up his alley, with their fudge-like consistency and rich chocolate ganache. These are best eaten in moderation, unless you’re willing to have the biggest sugar coma/food baby of your life! 

5) Banana Pudding Parfaits 
taken from Annie’s Eats 

As much as it confuses me, there is always one person in every group who doesn’t love chocolate. Make these delicious banana pudding parfaits for a sophisticated, delectable treat that satisfies everyone’s taste buds! 


Stacey Oswald, originally from South Florida, came to Vanderbilt as a member of the class of 2015 and got involved with HerCampus her freshman year. She became assistant editor that year and is now the Campus Correspondent for Vanderbilt HC as a sophomore. Stacey is currently a columnist for Ask Miss A- Nashville and the life section of The Hustler. She's also very involved in her sorority, Kappa Delta, as well as Invisible Children. Outside of school and her extracurriculars, Stacey finds happiness in many sources, the most crucial being exercise and the sun. She loves to attend exercise classes and is an avid runner; she recently completed the Country Music Half Marathon. She also loves Vitamin D, especially when on the beach- though of course, she only soaks up the sun after applying SPF. A few of the things Stacey couldn't live without? Good food (especially from Sweet Cece's, Bricktops, and Samurai Sushi), great books (The Hypnotist's Love Story is a recent favorite), her family back in Florida, her wonderful boyfriend, and all of the great friends she's made at Vanderbilt.
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