Snow (for) Days: What to Do

The weather down in Nashville has been crazy for the last week. Usually when reports of snow are heard, you can look outside your window to see a 1/10th inch layer of snow covering the grass, all of which is guaranteed to disappear in the next six hours. However, Sunday night brought down a good inch of snow, and the below-0 temperatures caused the water on the roads to turn to ice. For the first time in a long time, Vanderbilt cancelled TWO days of classes due to the weather, and the consequences were great. Here are some ideas:


Make a Snowman

A full day of no other responsibilities and snow on the lawn means you can make your very own Olaf! If you love him enough, he might even last till summer!

Clear Your Netflix Queue

We all have a tv-show that we’ve been meaning to start or catch up on, this is the perfect opportunity to watch a whole season of a series in bed!

Go Sledding

Grab as many layers as you can, a cafeteria tray (or a mattress if you’re brave) and a friend, and go slide down the nearest lawn. You’re guaranteed to have a good time – after all, most of us spend all of college wishing we were 5 and naptimes were built into our schedule. So take the day to act like a 5 year old!

Go to the Gym

No one likes the idea of working out, but we all feel so accomplished afterwards! This is the perfect time to catch up on some ab exercises, so drag yourself to the gym! You’ll feel so much better afterwards.

Take a Nap. All day.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Clean Your Room

It’s not necessarily fun while you do it, but think of how nice your room is going to be when you’re done!

Make Tea/Hot Chocolate

Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea (or whatever else you like) and cozy up in a nice chair with a blanket

Read a Book

You can do this while cozied up with tea and a blanket as above. We don’t really get a chance to read for fun as much as we’d like in college, so take the day to do just that!

Catch Up On Work

Ew, the boring one. Nobody wants to spend the day doing work when the school itself has told you to not go to classes, but if you have a stressful week, it might be a nice thing to get a head start on work.

Have a Pamper-Day

Give yourself a facial, a foot scrub, a mani-pedi, and anything else you can think of to treat yourself.


Waking up to find your classes have been cancelled for the day is the best way to start your morning, so no matter what you decide to do, make sure your day continues to be as positive as it was when it started!