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Reasons We Can’t Stop Fangirling Over the Melodores

The Vanderbilt community has always a special place in our hearts for the Melodores, but after their big Sing Off win, our passing affection has reached full-on fangirl status. Here are a few things that we just can’t get over:

1) They’re mega talented

Take a minute and go watch some of their YouTube videos, and you’ll see for yourself: these guys are good. The transfixing soloists and seamlessly arranged backing vocals will have you hooked.

2) Their shows are always entertaining

Angelic voices aside, these guys know how to put on a show. Their incredible energy and well-polished choreography (Wiggle, anyone?) make a capella interesting.

3) They’re so dang cute

We all know that there is nothing cuter than a group of guys in matching outfits singing acapella music. This is scientific fact. It also doesn’t hurt that these guys are pretty easy on the eyes.

4) They’re casually famous

These boys are more than campus celebrities now; they’ve made it to the big time. After taking America to church on The Sing Off and having one of their own get a role in Pitch Perfect 2 (Senior Ted Moock), the melolove has spread across the country. 



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