Overheard at Vanderbilt: Beginning of Fall Semester Edition

Over the past few weeks, college students across the country have been packing up suitcases, heading to their storage units, and hiking near and far to move into dorms and apartments. It’s an orchestrated chaos that unfolds around you, and an experience that hopefully gets easier with practice. I thought it’d be fun to try to capture the spectacle that is Vanderbilt Move-In with some great quotes I heard throughout the day. They all made me realize that somehow this constellation of little conversations captures the college move-in experience in such a way that students everywhere can see a bit of their own experience in them.

“Do you need more hooks?”

“Mom, where is the safe? OMG you set of the alarm! Well why is it screaming at me??”

“Does everyone provide their own saddle for the equestrian team?” “No, she wants to provide her own saddle.”

“I’m afraid if I get off my bed I won’t be able to get back on.”

“I also have this other power strip so we’ll have a million outlets...so we may start a fire but at least everything will be charged.”

“Look! Every floor seems to have a theme.”

“Where do you want your Keurig...?”

“I live right down the hall.”

“Oh, so you’re roommates!”

“Is that Darth Vader?” “That’s not going to be the craziest thing you see this week, trust me.”

“You could rent a scooter and take it to class.”

“That was so much faster to set up this year!”

“Are you excited?”

“What part of campus is this?”

“I’m still learning the lingo.”

“Have a great semester? Yeah, I’ll see you in two weeks.”

“Do you need to make a Target run?”

“Are we going to put fairy lights or Christmas lights in the common room?”