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Must-Have Fashion Items for Fall!

It’s no secret that the weather is getting colder, and with the change in temperature, it’s time to change up our wardrobes. Abandon your shorts and flip-flops for these irresistible fall trends! 

Little Black Dresses

Always a classic, the little black dress is a staple in any girl’s wardrobe. It should be subtle and appropriate for any situation, but try to include your own personality. Lanvin created this little black dress with a touch of femininity, displaying their luxurious style with an exaggerated bow.


Collared necklaces are becoming increasingly popular, but we can’t forget about collared dresses, the best of which are from fashion icon turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham. Her neutral palette makes her dresses versatile, and her designs are cut so they flatter your figure.


A fun pattern can glam up any simple style and add a playful touch to every outfit. Diane Von Furstenberg exploits a number of eye-catching patterns in her fall collection to make the clothing appear both iconic and contemporary.

Coated Jeans

Instead of leather, opt for a pair of coated jeans. Coming in a plethora of metallic hues, these jeans can be stylish with an edge. Designer Calvin Klein promotes the trend in his own collection, as do many other jean brands like J Brand.

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