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Meet the New Addition to Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Sarah Vollman!



Name: Sarah Vollman
Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Cinema & Media Arts
Extracurricular activities: The Slant/Slant TV, TNC
What made you decide to audition for Tongue ‘N’ Cheek?
My friends made me do it. 
Describe the audition process for Tongue ‘N’ Cheek:
You participate in various two person scenes and short form games – similar to what you see in shows. There’s also a call back with more of the same type of thing, plus a secret pie eating contest.
Do you get nervous performing in shows?
I didn’t throw up during our first show, so I’m going to say no. 
What’s the best part about being in Tongue ‘N’ Cheek?
The money.
When’s the next show?
October 3rd 7:37pm Sarratt Cinema!!
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