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Meet James Quick, Member of the Vandy Women’s Basketball Practice Team!

Meet James Quick, a Vanderbilt senior and a member of the practice team for women’s basketball! He’s a computer science major who loves to play basketball for fun but was able to amp up his passion through this opportunity to play with the ladies. As a practice team member, he competes against the Vanderbilt women so they can prepare for especially competitive games.

How long have you been on the practice team for women’s basketball?
Three years. I would have done it my first year, but I didn’t know about it. It’s pretty hidden and most people are surprised it exists when I tell them about it. I like to explain it so more people will know about it.

How did you get involved with it?
My sophomore year, I had a friend on the girls’ basketball team. She had seen me play a few times and told me I was good enough to try out. Try-outs went well, and I’ve been part of the team since. 

What do you like about it?
Getting to play ball every day and getting free gear! During seasons, I play 2 to 3 hours a day, four days a week. It’s a large time commitment but I wouldn’t give it up! I’ve always loved to play so it’s great to have this opportunity where I use my passion and get perks.

Do you need more people to try out for the practice team?
Yes, we need more players! Practice starts October 1st so anyone that wants more information should get in contact with me, james.q.quick@vanderbilt.edu, ASAP. We’ll see how well you play and go from there. It’s a great group to be a part of.

What is your best-hidden skill?
PING PONG! I played a lot in Commons my first year! I’ve played in two tournaments open to the entire campus and placed second both times. I love to play and plan to have a table in my house.

If you could start over as a first-year at Vanderbilt what would you do?
I would NOT have taken Chemistry! All computer science majors should know that Chemistry is not technically required. I didn’t like the class and could’ve used the time to take something else. My favorite class so far has been Android Operating System. It explains how android operating system works and how to develop mobile applications.

What is your plan for after graduation?
I’m going to pursue a career first in Mobile Applications. As a computer science major, I would love to make the next “big” app. If I could create something like Angry Birds or the Square Card reader (what food trucks use), that would be my dream.

What will you miss most after graduation?
I’m going to miss being with all my friends whenever I want. I love the atmosphere of college. I know that work life won’t be as relaxed as college life.

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