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Lexus Nashville Fashion Week Day Three: Emerging Designers on Display

The atmosphere at Marathon Music Works was slightly different Thursday night as the runways and spotlights disappeared from the room. Instead, this was a night dedicated to emerging local designers. The event showcased seven local designers, Amy. B., Black by Maria Silver, Brittany Blair, Pink Elephants, The Trunk Nashville, Tuft, and Julianna Bass. Each designer told a story with her collection, and together, they screamed editorial. It was a casual night for everyone, filled with drinks, laughter, networking, and of course, fashion.
The Pink Elephants collection was like stepping into a forbidden forest, where statuesque models showed off elaborate gowns with intricate layers. (Photo Credit: Andy Evinger)

Designer Amy Breen showed off her cool Amy. B. line, featuring menswear-inspired designs. Breen wanted to maintain a fun element in her designs, and did so by pairing the menswear with exciting patterned leggings. The models remained cool and collected as they stood on blocks of ice for nearly two hours. (Photo Credit: Andy Evinger)

The Trunk Nashville featuring Sleeveless State, a women’s and men’s accessory line, displayed its latest creations. Sleeveless, the women’s accessory line, pulled inspiration from Indian designs and jewelry, while State, for men, was inspired by Japanese culture. The accessories were the focus of this showcase, and my personal favorite was the chain vest. (thetrunknash.com) (Photo Credit: Andy Evinger)

Turning the corner to Brittany Blair’s showcase was like stepping into a tea party. With pink and white roses covering the floor and pink champagne all around, the 60‘s feminine inspiration was hard to miss. Blair, originally from Nashville, showed off her first collection effortlessly. Vandy girls stay on the lookout, because this designer is opening her upscale restaurant/boutique, Kocktails and Kouture, in the Gulch this May. Expect to see this collection in stores fall 2012. (Photo Credit: Andy Evinger)

My personal favorite collection of the night, Black by Maria Silver, took rock star to the next level as the models exuded a carefree, laidback attitude, in what Maria Silver calls “The After- After Party.” Silver displayed her collection to perfection in this showcase, with one model smoking a cigarette and another sprawled on the ground, really conveying to onlookers her inspiration for this collection. Her items can be purchased on etsy.com. (Photo Credit: Andy Evinger)

Can you say 60’s pop-rock? The Tuft collection, designed by Jessica Jones, was all about practicality and wearability. The pieces featured a very 60‘s modernist style with purple metallic dresses and colored tights. (Photo Credit: Andy Evinger)


Julianna Bass, first recipient of the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund award, didn’t need any models for her showcase room. Her dresses and jackets hung from the ceiling, and with the relaxed environment, Bass’ showcase welcomed people to mix and mingle while admiring her pieces. (Photo Credit: Bryan Thomas)

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