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Lexus Nashville Fashion Week 2012: Ready to Impress

Nashville makes its mark on fashion as the city hosts its second annual fashion week featuring designs from T. Rains, Valentine Valentine, Gus Mayer, Pink Elephants, The Versace Collection, and many more. Last night celebrated the first night of a week of fashion and it did not disappoint. Designs from Valentine Valentine, bySmith, and T. Rains kicked off fashion week as the models strutted down the runway showing off the designers’ collections.
The Valentine Valentine collection traveled to another galaxy, presenting pieces inspired by the cosmos and outer space and incorporating metallic tones in a majority of the pieces. Designer Smith Sinrod, designer of bySmith, put her own spin on metallic and included jeweled colors with metallic undertones in her designs. Many of these ready-to-wear pieces highlighted upcoming trends for fall 2012, with subtle color blocking remaining at the forefront.
Shinobi Ninja, a rock group hailing from Brooklyn, New York, took the stage as they got the crowd hyped up and ready for the final collection of the night, T. Rains. There was no mistaking the energy in the room as the first model walked out on stage wearing sea blues and sea greens, reminiscent of the classic Disney movie The Little Mermaid. The vision was cohesive and the pieces were intricate in detail, such as knit dresses and rope detailed bodices.  All of Traver Rains’ designs incorporated some aspect of the sea. The best part of the T. Rains collection, other than the sea green hair and ornate headpieces, was that it featured men’s clothing as well. Bejeweled Speedo anyone?

Valentine Valentine by Amanda Valentine




BySmith by Smith Sinrod



T. Rains by Traver Rains

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