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Just a Texas Girl Living in Her J-Cole World


Everyone has dreams.
We all dream.
We dream of someday, tomorrow, or our perfect life years down the road.
The truth is… today is the day.
Today is the day to find the passion.
To burn with desire.
To attain the goal. 

But in order to have dreams, you have to do something.
And you have to have the heart, the passion that literally burns inside of you and drives you to wake up every day with reason. 

She has a passion like none other.
Julia Cole.

To some she is the winner of the Texans National Anthem contest.
The Rodeo Rockstar or Woodlands Idol.
To others she is the mysterious goddess that prances across Vanderbilt’s Campus.


Julia Cole is a star.
Fame doesn’t make a star- a star makes fame. 

Julia is also my lucky star.

We sit for hours on end dreaming about our goals, in active pursuit.
Constantly promoting our passions while defying the norms.
We walk down the streets of Nashville and lyrics pour out of our hearts.
We are quenched by our inspiration.
We are drowned in our happiness.

But for a while, I was blinded… I forgot my love of music.
That is, until a couple of weekends ago. 

Julia recently shared her talents on the side of the street for “Encore for the Cure.” 
This event featured Nashville’s most dedicated artists spreading awareness and fighting for the cure for cancer. 
That day, Julia became more than a singer.
She became a fighter and an inspiration.
Her passion for the cure intertwined beautifully with her musical innovation.

Music inspires the soul.
And she re-inspired mine. 

During the “Encore,” Julia invited me to join her light.
I was hesitant to join someone who inspired me so much.
But I mustered up the courage to sing with her for the first time.
Drops of Jupiter.
I will never forget the smiles that we exchanged while singing “ Your best friend always sticking up for you…”
I finally was able to “trace through the constellation.”

A week later, I took up the guitar.

Soon, Julia will not be my lucky star.
Her light shines a little bit brighter every time performs on stages across Nashville.
She takes every opportunity she can to shine.
And each day, she is closer and closer to shining her light all over the world.
Not just for herself…
But for her love, her passion, and her desire.

I want you all to see the light, feel the light, hear the light, and believe in the light. Help Julia spread her light:
Come watch her at Vanderbilt Baseball Games and Basketball games as she opens with the anthem.  Come support her and other musicians at “Encore for the Cure.” 


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/93…
Reverb Nation: http://www.reverbnation.com/ju…
Twitter: @JuliaColeMusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julia…

“I wish everyone ran free in my light blue world like me”- The Sun and Me (Julia Cole)



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