It's Almost Christmas- Time to Get Tacky!

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year! A time for stuffing our faces in turkey and mashed potatoes, a time for thanks and family, and a time for Black Friday shopping!  For some, this is what Thanksgiving is really all about- staying up all night with your mom, sister, or girlfriends and driving around town in search of the biggest sales at your favorite stores.  So what’s on your list this year?  Some colorful J.Crew cardigans or that Michael Kors watch that you’ve had your eye on for months? But, we can’t forget about what’s coming up after Thanksgiving break… Christmas parties!  When we arrive back at Vanderbilt, we will no doubt be locked in the library all day studying for finals, but we will also have reading days off of class, a perfect opportunity for a Christmas-themed night out with friends.  So prepare for these parties, and make sure you show up in style.  You may not have noticed how widespread the tacky Christmas sweater trend is becoming, so in case you forgot here’s some of the tackiest of them all.  Make sure to keep an eye out for some thrifty deals on these sweaters during your Black Friday shopping and you are sure to be hit of the Christmas party!