How To Make It Through The Last Week of Classes

Next week we'll be publishing out Finals Survival Guide, but until then you're going to have t find a way to make it through the last 10 days of classes. I have, honestly, never been more ready for Christmas break in my life. These last couple of days will probably be filled with final papers and project for you guys and a buildup of anxiety that will likely burst through the seams on day 4 of finals week. However, there are a couple of things you can do to make it just a liittttllleee bit easier to get through. The first of those things is remembering how great it'll be when you get to be home cuddled in your bed, watching Netflix surrounded by all of the gifts you got for Christmas. It sounds superficial, but having something finite to look forward to can reduce your stress levels and help you maintain perspective. 

Another great thing to do is go out to eat with your friends. Plan a dinner (or lunch... or brunch... or whatever) with your friends sometime during the last week of classes so that by the time finals week rolls around you don't feel stressed that all of your friends will be going back home before you had time to have one last get-together. This is super easy for me because my birthday is during the last week of classes and my friend group always does a secret santa Christmas party, but if you don't have anything on the books yet make a reservation and invite your friends! There is something to be said about hanging out with your friends off campus without the stress of finals looming over y'all. There's also something kind of ridiculous about spending hours indulging in a meal off-campus when you should definitely be studying your ass off at the library, which I love.

The last thing you can do is rewatch you favorite show on Netflix or Amazon Prime. You're probably already binge-watching a new and noteworthy show as we speak, however, during the last week of classes you're going to need to revert back to your tried and true for a little bit. Whenever I get too overwhelmed or need a burst of inspiration I always rewatch Moonrise Kingdom on Netflix (one of my all time favorite movies) because I love the comforting feeling of knowing that in the end everything will be okay because I've already seen it. Plus, I already know I'm going to love it which doesn't always happen when you're watching a new show since they can throw in an unexpected plot twist that totally ruins it for you (hello, Grey's Anatomy).