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How Grubhub is Saving Vanderbilt Students in Their Time of Need

You may have noticed that we here at team HCV kinda hate Vanderbilt’s restrictive meal plan. Over the years, our options have dwindled and food accessibility + diversity has become more and more scarce for many of us. We have vegetarian members, members with long lists of allergies, and we have members that keep kosher. Yet there are only a select few places on campus we can eat together. Thankfully, we partnered with Grubhub to provide exclusive discount codes for Vanderbilt students so they can get free delivery from any of the hundreds of restaurants in Nashville. With free delivery and an easy to use app interface, you can get a giant order of Taco Bell delivered right to your door (which we did for our very last Her Campus meeting of the year)! Grubhub is a great supliment to a meal plan that just doesn’t have all we need to get through the week. even with next years meal perieod-free dining plan there still won’t be enough options for people who want food beyond a quinoa bowl or nachos. Now all we need is a way to get vandy Vans running 24/7.

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Muna Ikedionwu

Vanderbilt '19

Muna is studying Medical Humanities & The Arts and Corporate Strategy at Vanderbilt University. She loves supporting small businesses, watching indie films on weekends, and can talk for hours about anything from the newest addition to her skincare routine to how the digitization of political news has changed society for the better. Her motto is "Be fearless. Be authentic. Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters."
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