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Guy Hot vs. Girl Hot!

Her Campus Vandy is here to tell you the looks men love and the ones they’d love for you to do without.

Super Short Hair – Girl Hot


Long, Flowing Locks – Guy Hot


Emma Watson got this daring cut just after finishing the last installment of the Harry Potter series, and once girls saw it, they ran to salons everywhere in the hopes that they would emerge looking just as empowered and unique. But before you lop off that ponytail, you might want to ask your guy friends first. Although this doesn’t apply for all men, the general consensus is that they love hair, especially when it’s long, shiny, and easy to run their fingers through.

Dramatic Eye Makeup – Girl Hot


Natural, No-Makeup Look – Guy Hot

Demi Lovato has a beautiful complexion and gorgeous eyes, but they’re almost always hidden by intense makeup! I know it baffles us, but guys go crazy when we step outside without makeup. At first, that’s a frustrating thought- so what you’re saying, guys, is that you are undermining the two hours I spent getting ready for our date last weekend? Not at all! Look at it this way: He wants to see you for exactly who you are. Who can blame him?

Intense Hair - Girl Hot

Just Rolled Out of Bed Look - Guy Hot

Let’s face it- no matter what your gender, Blake Lively is just plain hot. However, the thing guys find most attractive about her is her effortless, carefree style, and her natural and sometimes untamed mane reflects that. Ladies love the fun and chicness of putting every hair in its place, and I’m as guilty as the next girl! Just go easy on the hairspray and make sure at least some aspect of it is touchable, and your guy will be just fine. For his sake though, remember that he loves to play with it, and let it go free sometimes!

Bottom Line:

As far as beauty and hair are concerned, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Put away your hot tools and your specialized tubes of mascara! It’s okay to take a day off from constant primping every once in a while. Save your fiercest hairdos and wildest makeup for girls’ nights, and let your guy see you in your most natural and beautiful state (but if you sneak a little concealer or mascara… we won’t tell!)

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