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Going Home for Spring Break, As Told by Parks and Rec

The good news: Spring break is here! 
The bad news: Parks and Rec is over forever.
Here’s a combination of the two to capture what it’s like to head home for the week. There are perks and drawbacks, but you can always escape to Pawnee by binge watching Leslie, Ron, and the rest of the Parks crew on Netflix.

When you finish your last class and head to the airport.

When you walk into your house after Southwest delayed your flight for three hours and FINALLY see your dog again.

When you run into annoying people from your high school while trying to go about your business.

When your mom tries to break your diet of Randwiches and warm cookies.

And when you realize that you didn’t do any of the homework you planned on and have to do it Sunday night…

Have an AMAZING spring break everyone! See y’all next week :) 


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