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Finding the time to discover great music in the middle of assignments and exams can be hard, so here are five songs for you to spice up your music rotation for April!

Overgrown by Joyce Wright 

“You are loved, you are enough.” 

The perfect song for when you need a reminder that you got this even if life may not make any sense right now. 

Carefully by Demi Lovato 

“I’m strong in a way that I know how to show you my fragile”

This dreamy yet powerful ballad is a great way to tell that special someone everything you want to say without saying it yourself. 

August 5th by Baby Rose 

“Rest assured as long as I'm breathing I'm not running, I'm not leaving”

If you want to hear a voice like you’ve never heard before, Baby Rose is who to look to. With a distinct and soulful sound, “August 5th” will leave you warm and reminiscing on good times. 

Ain’t There Yet by Maddie & Tae

“I'll take my time and feel every sting; I'm gonna get it all out so I can start over clean”

When in Nashville, you have to have at least one country song in your playlist and this song won’t disappoint. While many songs focus on the healing process of being hurt, “Ain’t There Yet” reminds us that it’s okay to cry a little longer, if that’s what you need.  

Kiss Me More by Doja Cat and SZA  

“We're so young, boy; We ain't got nothin' to lose”

If Doja Cat and SZA are going to do one thing, it’s give us a summer hit. This song sounds like the summer vacation we’re all ready for and is the perfect addition to your April rotation.

Chioma Chukwuma

Vanderbilt '23

My name is Chioma and I am a Political Science major at Vanderbilt University! When I'm not working on academics, you can find me reading a fantasy novel, writing a story, or scrolling through Twitter.
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