Every Fall-Themed Recipe You Need To Try This Year

Sweater weather has arrived! With the crisp air and falling leaves upon us, I absolutely had to find a few amazing recipes for y’all to bake this season. Pumpkins, and apples, and s’mores, oh my!

  1. These salted caramel apple pie bars are everything you could want in an apple pie, except you don’t need a plate to eat it. My literal dream.

  2. S’mores, but in cobbler form. Am I from the south, or am I from the south??

  3. Craving chocolate chip cookies but want to be *too fall for your insta*? These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies taste just like the ones from Whole Foods. In a word: iconic.

  4. These maple-glazed apple cookies are the best of both worlds, combining crispy fall mountain apples (not required—just what I’m picturing/craving) and maple butter. Ugh, so good!

  5. You truly can’t ever have too much pumpkin, which is why these grab-and-go pumpkin spice truffles are perfect for a chilly walk to class in the morning.

  6. We can’t forget the best vegetable (it’s not just a starch, okay people!?), sweet potatoes! This amazing fall-themed food can (and definitely should) be turned into everyone’s favorite sweet potato pie.

  7. Feeling bake-y but want to have something semi-healthy? These apple cinnamon pancakes can give any person life, even on the dreariest of mornings.

Hopefully one of these recipes sounds too delicious not to try. So grab a sweater, a friend, and a recipe. Happy baking!