Drool-Worthy Food Instas You NEED to See

Whenever I log into my personal Instagram, I’m bombarded with pictures of food. I know I do this to myself by following more food accounts than people, but I honestly can’t help it. I love looking at food, eating food, thinking about food… my life is basically solely about food. The main perk of following these instas is discovering new restaurants and dishes in Nashville that I have yet to try. Here are some of the ones on my bucket list from my favorite Nashville-based food Instagrams.

Moto (@fatpplproblems)


This account showcases dishes from Nashville and NYC, and I love how it almost always features froyo (shoutout to Sweet Cece’s), even when it’s cold outside. It makes me feel less weird about craving it year-round! Moto has been on my list of must-see restaurants for far too long, and this picture makes me want to go SO badly. Burrata is basically heaven, and I can imagine it’s even better when paired with butternut squash. Making a reservation ASAP!

Rolf & Daughters (@everybitewetake)

One of my good friends started this Instagram with her mom, and it’s consistently the punniest and most drool-worthy account on my feed. I still haven’t made it to Rolf & Daughters, even though it’s been around for years, and I kind of hate myself for it. This beef tartare looks INSANELY good, so now I just need to figure out how to get a table without having to wait an hour!

Pinewood Social (@nashvillefoodfan)

I’ve been to Pinewood Social before, but never for lunch. Clearly, I’ve been missing out, because these dishes look far too good to be true. I’m really intrigued by the Kale Caesar (#basic), but the Brisket Sandwich with whipped pimento, apple celery root, and hot pepper jelly is truly calling my name. It doesn’t hurt that after nomming on delicious food, I can go bowling in the same building. Pinewood Social, you’re far too cool. 

Barista Parlor (@spoonuniversity_vandy)

These dang poptarts have been popping up on Instagram like crazy lately, which means that I’m obviously late to the game on this one. However, I must try this homemade poptart ASAP because I love poptarts and I love rainbow sprinkles even more. I’m actually going to Barista Parlor this weekend for the first time, so fingers crossed they have poptarts waiting for me! If not, I’m leaving. Just kidding… maybe.

The Loving Pie Company (@day_in_nashville)

I was about THIS CLOSE to finally trying The Loving Pie Company last year on Pi Day, but they were sold out by noon. I’m not making that mistake again this year, especially when their red velvet pie looks this good. Who even knew that red velvet pie was a thing??? Also shoutout to @day_in_nashville for being one of my favorite food instas of all time… it just so happens to be run by my little <3

Star Bagel Café (@nashville_eats)

The only time I get really good bagel sandwiches is when I visit my boyfriend in New Jersey. Unfortunately, that only happens a few times a year, so I end up with unsatisfiable cravings almost all the time. I had no idea that we had a legitimate bagel shop in Nashville (Bruegger’s doesn’t count, sorry guys), so I’m beyond excited to try this place in Sylvan Park. They’re also known for their organic, local ingredients, which is always a plus in a world where bread = yoga mats.