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Dorm Room Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family, food, and football, but often one F is left out – college friends! This year a group of friends and I decided that we would host our own Thanksgiving for our closest friends in our dorm room. Here are some ways we saved money (and elbow grease!). Ask your guests to chip in, and this meal will be an even greater success. While it may not be how grandma makes it, this little menu is full of Thanksgiving favorites with some creative, college-friendly twists.

1. Get smoked turkey from a BBQ place.

We are using Jim and Nick’s, which has a bundle that comes with two quart-sized sides (mac and cheese and collard greens please!), iced tea, and biscuits. $51 for 6 people!

2. Microwave your stuffing!

Stovetop Stuffing Mix costs about $2, and you can make it in your dorm room microwave!

3. Get creative with your desserts!

If you can get to Target or Harris Teeter to buy a pre-baked apple pie (about $10), make it fancy by microwaving it and serving it with Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream (buy it in the Munchie Mart!)

And there you have it, a (somewhat) gourmet dorm room Thanksgiving!

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