Name: Claire
Hometown: Northern Virginia 
Year: Junior
Major: Human and Organizational Development, and Economics
Campus Involvement: I'm a member of Moore Student Governance, and Alpha Chi Omega, and a participant in the Greek Emerging Leaders Program. 
What do you do in Moore Student Governance?
Being on Moore student Governance has been a wonderful experience so far. I get to work like the nine other members and two graduate fellows to brainstorm and plan programming events for residents of Kissam. As there are already so many programming events available to Vandy kids, it is engaging to work together and try to present unique programs that will be well attended. 
Favorite place to eat on campus:
My favorite place to eat on campus is probably commons because they have plain grilled chicken and I am a very picky eater. 
Favorite thing about Nashville:
My favorite thing about being in Nashville is the ability to be so close to a city, while still being within Vanderbilt's bubble. A lot of other schools I looked at were located in small college towns, so I am really fortunate that I came to Nashville and have access to the many events going on downtown, while still having the feeling of a campus.   
Why do you love living in KISSAM?
Living in Kissam is very similar to living in a hotel. The facility is very nice, it is quiet atmosphere and you don't have to walk far for food.