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Chronicles of a College Junior

So I’m a junior in college now (where did the time even go?), and this year has felt completely different than the last two. I have this feeling everyday that it’s time to get serious. That it’s time to focus not only on doing well in classes, but putting in effort for my future career. It’s crazy to finally realize how your perspective on college changes with each year, and to compare yourself to all of the wild, naïve freshmen who are still finding their way at Vanderbilt and aren’t even thinking about finding their way after they leave. 
The Vanderbilt freshmen are thinking: Wow, I was smart without ever having to study in high school, I need to learn some study techniques. How am I going to pass chemistry? What sorority/fraternity should I be in? Do I have time to be as involved in student organizations as I was in high school? How much alcohol can I really tolerate (and whatever that level is, let me go ahead and ignore it and just drink more)? 
The Vanderbilt sophomores are thinking: Finally, we’re back and we’re not “the freshmen” anymore! Let’s go party with all of our friends at our favorite frat! I can go out on Tuesdays, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s and still do well in school because I’ve mastered the balance between social life and academic achievement. Can’t wait to get new babies at recruitment! I wonder who will be my little? 
The Vanderbilt juniors are thinking: Were we really as shambly as these freshmen? There’s no way we were that bad! I need to work on my resume for 3 hours. I need to go to the career fair. I have 5 meetings today and no time for lunch. I really need to get my GPA up if I’m going to get a job. TGIF, I can actually go out tonight! (Saturday morning) I need to study more. 
The reality is that we juniors need to stop feeling like the time is ticking and our college years are coming to an end. We have two whole years of fun left and we should enjoy them! Sure we have a lot more responsibility, but we can do it ALL and still have some time for fun. We are Vanderbilt students after all!
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