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Full disclaimer: I never went to Bread and Co. and cannot speak to the differences in quality of food, service, or restaurant quality.

As a huge fan of First Watch, I was ridiculously excited to hear that the company would be moving within a 5 minute walking distance from campus. Sun & Fork brings a new spin to fast and casual dining. You order as soon as you walk into the restaurant, sit yourself and party down, and wait for your meal which comes within 5 minutes (not even joking).  

However, before there was a Sun & Fork, there was Bread and Co., and I’m sure there are several people who are sad to see this company go. After assessing Sun & Fork’s uncanny resemblance to Bread and Co, I sat down and constructed a diagram to really understand what makes the two so different. In short: not much.

(image credit to Anuja Mehta)

What are these breakfast bowls, you ask? They’re a new menu item that I have exclusively ordered from Sun & Fork and all First Watch restaurants. You choose between a base of seasoned potatoes or ancient grains, eggs in any way you want, and between 5 “styles”: Carnitas Rancheros, Farmhouse, Market, Power Protein, and Pesto Chicken. These styles add meat and veggies to the meal. Heck yes.

One customer of Bread and Co. claims, “The food was good, but the service was inconsistent.” What does this anonymous fellow say about Sun & Fork? “The food was good, and the service was consistent.” I think we have a winner, folks!

In all seriousness, I’m sure there’s plenty of Vandy students who are sad to see the replacement of Bread and Co. However, Sun and Fork is definitely a restaurant I’d recommend stopping by for a quick bite. The menu has barely changed from its predecessor’s, and the environment is the perfect place to sit down, eat some brunch, and get some work done (or procrastinate). Unlimited coffee, breakfast bowls, and proximity—what else could you need?

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Vanderbilt '21

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