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Beautiful Soul: Vibhu Krishna


She is a beautiful soul.
An inspirer.
A scholar.
An artist.
All of life’s wonders… inside a silent hero. 

Vibhuti Krishna. 

Vibhu is an inspirer.

Behind the gorgeous dark hair and beautiful smile is an ingenius mind and an open heart. She is a hero. Unlike many others, her life is not about what she will be… it’s about what she is. Vibhu is passionate and inspired. Her presence within a room illuminates love, passion, and desire. Not a word has to escape from her mouth before you can recognize that she is one in a million. 

Vibhu is a scholar.

Vibhu defies the norms. She takes the road less traveled in her intellectual career. She is multi-faceted. Many students choose one path in their academic careers and neglect the aspirations rooted in their souls. Vibhu, on the other hand, has the ability to integrate all areas of her mind into her academic pursuits. This year she was awarded the Magnolia Award, dedicated to outstanding student efforts in the campus community, in addition to the Outstanding Student Ally Award from the LGBTQI. 

Vihbu is life-changing.

Vihbu is passionate about sharing her gifts to better her surrounding community and the world at large. A native Ohioan, Vibhu designed a nonprofit entrepreneurial education organization, LIGHTHOUSE OHIO. This program works with high school students who want to change the world and puts them through a six week intensive program to develop new nonprofit ideas. At Vanderbilt, she founded Project Nicaragua, which is taking her to Nicaragua in the first week of May. This chapter aims to spread sanitation and hygiene awareness in Nicaragua for the better of the world. Vibhu has the power to make an impact on the lives of her friends, family, and collegues across the world. Vibhu has already changed the world as a freshman in college. Her aspirations and accomplishments are unmatched. 

Vihbu is an artist. 

Vibhu’s scholarship is defined by her passion, which defines her from all of those around her. Although she is passionate about medicine, entrepreneurship, and education, as well as becoming a doctor, she embraces the beauty of art and creativity. 

Vibhu has the power to change the world with her actions, her words, her paintings, and her photography. Vibhu is the director and co-founder of the Metropolitan After-School Arts Program, which works to build up students’ artistic confidence and publish their artwork. Vihbu’s ability to transcend beyond her own interests and inspire others is incredible. Vihbu is not recognized enough for her own artistic talent. Vihbu is a photographer for the Vanderbilt Hustler, and created the Vanderbilt University Campus Instagram @vanderbiltuniversity. Vibhu has been published twice in Vogue (http://tinyurl.com/acddfso), and has a tumblr of her own (myviscera.tumblr.com).

How does she do this?

Why does she do this?

Here is a piece of her writing from her tumblr…


just some ashes into the sky

i have already accepted my death. what day of the week? i cannot say
though i hope it is a convenient one for those who
must deal with the body.

if i die very old i will have been dead years prior, the second
i jump the dreaded threshold between contributing to
and draining the society i live in. i would be furious
at myself if i were no longer productive,
of service. i would want to be euthanized.
people scoff at me when i mention this in intense discussion
about such things, look at me in disbelief and ask why

i say
existence as it is
is murky to me. if my existence contributes nothing to
that of others then it is especially useless.
i do not want to die useless. is that so wrong? is that so morbid?

i say
functionality is key.
when i die i want my organs used to save whoever they can.
i want the blood—fresh, warm, loving—to be put in a bank for someone’s use,
and i want whatever is left to be given to science.

i only ask that my hair be burned the proper hindu way (though hindus
burn the whole corpse) and that some ashes be placed in explosive powder
and comprise gold fireworks that light up a night sky.


I am blessed to be graced by Vibhu’s presence. She is truly an enlightened one. A goddess, who walks silently across the Vanderbilt Campus. She is a true campus celebrity. Silent. Humble. Inspiring. I am lucky to have Vibhu in my life.  



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